"Lets do Sean O'Malley"- Daniel Cormier lists outs the reasons why Sean O'Malley might get a title shot over Henry Cejudo

From left to right: Daniel Cormier, Sean O
From left to right: Daniel Cormier, Sean O'Malley, Henry Cejudo

Sean O'Malley picked up a controversial split decision victory over Petr Yan at UFC 280. UFC Hall of Famer Daniel Cormier shared why, even with the controversy, O'Malley may receive a shot at the bantamweight title before Henry Cejudo.

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Speaking on his podcast 3 Rounds with DC!, Cormier discussed who will receive the next bantamweight title opportunity, stating:

"I would consider making Sterling's next fight Sean O'Malley, right now. Right now, I would think, let's do Sean O'Malley. Yesterday, on DC & RC, I said it's going to be Henry Cejdudo and I believe that because Sean O'Malley's gonna need some time to recover because that was a war against Petr Yan."

The former double champ added:

"I still would think about maybe making this guy next because regardless of what you feel and how you feel the fight was judged, at the end of the day, Sean O'Malley got his hand raised... For the sport, Henry Cejudo, as the guy who left as a double champion should be next...but I think it's more than likely to be Sean O'Malley."

Cormier added that the reason why he believes that O'Malley will receive the next title shot is because the No.1-ranked bantamweight is a bigger draw than Cejudo. While many may not like to hear it, the UFC is a business and O'Malley having an opportunity to win the bantamweight title will likely bring in more eyes.

Watch Daniel Cormier's full comments on the bantamweight title picture below (starting at the 6:51 mark):


Joe Rogan questions the value of the takedown following Sean O'Malley's controversial UFC 280 victory

O'Malley's UFC 280 split decision victory over Petr Yan did not come without controversy. While 'Sugar' had far more output in terms of significant strikes, landing 84 against his opponents' 58, he was taken down six times, totaling nearly six minutes of ground control. The controversial decision led to UFC commentator Joe Rogan questioning the value of takedowns in mixed martial arts.

Official stats for O'Malley's win over Yan.

Speaking on The Joe Rogan Experience, the podcast host stated:

"Yeah, but the takedowns without damage, what is that value? I'm not denying that I thought Petr Yan won because I did think he won, but takedowns without damage versus stand-up with damage because Sugar landed more strikes standing... The question is, how valuable are those takedowns and how valuable is that top game and control?"

Rogan would share that he believes the 10 point must scoring system utilized in mixed martial arts needs to change, as was created for boxing. While many may have disagreed with the decision of the judges, the victory places O'Malley firmly in the bantamweight title picture.

Watch Joe Rogan question the value of takedowns below (starting at the 1:22 mark):


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