"Life isn't about handouts" - Logan Paul turns down TikToker Austin Wallace who quit his job to work for 'The Maverick'

Logan Paul turns down TikToker Austin Wallace's request for employment [Left image credit: @aj_wallace69 via TikTok]
Logan Paul turns down TikToker Austin Wallace's request for employment [Left image credit: @aj_wallace69 via TikTok]

A lot of criticism is sent towards the Paul brothers on a daily basis. However, it cannot be denied that Jake and Logan Paul are inspirations for many young people.

That fact was clearly on display backstage during the Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley press conference last week. Jake Paul's older brother Logan was present at the event, which took place in their hometown of Cleveland, Ohio.

TikToker Austin Wallace, a.k.a @aj_wallace69 on TikTok, found his way behind the curtain and took the opportunity to approach 'The Maverick' for a job. Logan Paul turned Austin Wallace down. The YouTube star stated that he works with a very close-knit team and cannot spare time to be a mentor at the moment.

However, Logan Paul also gave Austin Wallace some sound advice and told him to move to Los Angeles and start making connections.

"I can't be a mentor right now. I'm a f***-up myself. I need a mentor, you know what I'm saying? Go make content, make stuff with your friends. I'm glad you quit your job, it takes balls to do that, but now you gotta activate. I'm not the guy directly. My team is [gestures something very small with hand] - we're locked. Life isn't about handouts, you've gotta work. If you really are serious about it, you should move to LA and just like you approached me, start making connections with every single person in LA. I'm serious, that's it. I've always said, if you can talk to someone, you can make it in LA," Logan Paul said to Austin Wallace.

Austin Wallace streamed the whole interaction on his TikTok account.

Austin Wallace breaks down in tears after Logan Paul turns him down

Later on, Austin Wallace also live streamed his reaction, where he broke down in tears. In the reaction video, Wallace revealed that he's 22 years old and had quit a job that paid him $100,000 a year in order to be a part of Logan Paul's team.

"I'm 22, I do make $100,000 a year and that's cool. I wanna act, I wanna do these things, I'm gonna break down right now... I don't know what to do. I did come up here by myself, I do have family but we're not the closest, and I don't have really close friends. You know there's millions of people trying to do what I wanna do," Austin Wallace said.

But he also admitted that he understood Logan Paul's point. Wallace realized that he would not be handed things and would have to work hard for opportunities.

Watch the interaction and Wallace's reaction below:

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