Joe Rogan promoting carnivore diet is f***ing awesome - Liver King praises Rogan on the Impaulsive podcast

Liver King (Left), Center Images and Joe Rogan (Right) (via @joerogan on Instagram)
Liver King (Left), Center Images and Joe Rogan (Right) (via @joerogan on Instagram)

Brian Johnson, better known as the Liver King, recently praised Joe Rogan for promoting the carnivore diet during an appearance on the IMPAULSIVE podcast. Popular on social media for his raw-organ meat diet and shredded physique, Johnson claims people like Rogan are helping him achieve his ultimate purpose in life.

Johnson also spoke to someone on the set of the podcast who was seemingly cured of the chronic condition psoriasis by consuming only meat for thirty days. The 45-year-old said on IMPAULSIVE:

"Anybody who's talking about this, I love it. My brother in arms is Paul Saladino, he's the carnivore MD. So he's been on Rogan's podcast to promote that way. This is one of the most important you can do, one of the easiest lever to pull is eating liver. Eating nose to tail, eating carnivorous... So when I hear the carnivore MD or Rogan promoting this way of living, I'm like this is f***ing amazing. You're heping me do my job, this is my purpose in life."

Watch the Liver King's appearance on IMPAULSIVE below:


Liver responds to Joe Rogan's accusations of steriod use

Joe Rogan's interest and love for meat-based diets is common knowledge. However, the UFC color commentator is unsure if consuming raw meat can be beneficial for the body.

Recently weighing in on the Liver King, Rogan claimed that the internet sensation could not have built his physique without steroids. Questioning Brian Johnson's raw-meat diet, Rogan claims there are more benefits to eating cooked meat. The 54-year-old said on an episode of the JRE podcast:

"No that’s a gimmick, that guy. He’s got an ass filled with steroids is what he got. That’s not a natural body. That guy is shooting all kinds of shit into his system to achieve that kind of physique. I don’t even know if there’s a benefit in eating raw meat. From what I’ve understood, talking to experts, there’s actually a lot gained from cooking because the protein becomes more bioavailable.” h/t

However, the Liver King graciously denied Rogan's allegations and was grateful to the podcaster for having referred to him. Johnson said in an interview with GQ:

"I don't touch the stuff. I'm grateful to Joe Rogan for bringing me into his ecosystem."

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