“Make it make sense?” - Andrew Tate is perplexed by DICOTT's recent request regarding his seized assets

Andrew Tate has an interesting update on his ongoing legal case. [Image credits: @EmonyA53712 via.  X]
Andrew Tate has an interesting update on his ongoing legal case. [Image credits: @EmonyA53712 via. X]

Andrew Tate, the social media personality entangled in legal proceedings in Romania, finds himself in a new twist. Although a court recently ordered the return of his $27 million in seized assets, Romanian authorities have filed a request to sell them and keep the proceeds, leaving Tate understandably perplexed.

The legalities began in December 2022 with the arrest of Tate and his brother Tristan on human trafficking charges, leading to the seizure of their cars, properties, and other assets. However, a Bucharest court recently ruled in favor of the brothers, deeming the seizure lacking sufficient evidence. Tate celebrated the decision, expecting the return of his luxury belongings.

"They stole 27 million without a single shred of evidence that we had many money illegally. A very smart judge threw it out. Now they have to prove to a new judge what money we “made” If they prove 10k, they can keep 10k. They won’t prove a thing because it never happened. 27M of houses cars gold and cash on its way back to me."

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But the latest update throws a wrench in the process. Authorities, seemingly unwilling to let go of the seized fortune, have filed a request to the court to sell all the assets and retain the proceeds.

Tate wrote on social media, expressing his confusion:

"Now that Ive been ordered to get all my things back Dicott have put a request into the court to sell everything and keep the money. Make it make sense?"

Check out Andrew Tate's post below:

Andrew Tate joins chorus of criticism against Lil Nas X's 'J Christ' video

Social media personality Andrew Tate has become the latest figure to criticize Lil Nas X's controversial music video for 'J Christ,' joining a chorus of voices denouncing the rapper's use of religious imagery.

Lil Nas X has faced backlash from some Christians over the video, which depicts him crucified and adorned with symbols like a crown of thorns. While the rapper defended his artistic expression and declared himself in a 'Christian era,' Tate weighed in with a blunt assessment, writing:

"Lil Nas X is both weird and gay."

Check out Andrew Tate's post below:

Tate's comment echoes previous criticism from boxer Ryan Garcia. Garcia initially condemned the video in a now-deleted post:

"Christian family where are you??? As someone Who loves God and Is a Christian I find this one of the most disrespectful and disturbing thing someone can do. Even if you aren't Christian this isn't okay. I wouldn't disrespect someone's belief and I'm hurt and furious at the same time. More so hurt."

Check out the screenshot of the deleted post below:

Ryan Garcia's deleted post. (courtesy Instagram @hollywoodunlocked)
Ryan Garcia's deleted post. (courtesy Instagram @hollywoodunlocked)

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