Michael Bisping and Dan Henderson trade barbs on social media 

UFC Fight Night: Overeem v Harris
UFC Fight Night: Overeem v Harris
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Michael Bisping had a great MMA career spanning well over a decade. In that career, he made several friends and many more rivals. The most prominent rival of Michael Bisping however was Dan Henderson. A feud that began at UFC 100, after Dan Henderson knocked out Michael Bisping in the second round of their encounter, these two had easily one of the most bitter rivalries in MMA.

Yesterday, on the anniversary of the first clash between the two legends, Dan Henderson took to twitter to attack Michael Bisping calling him out over his commentatory of UFC 251. Dan Henderson reminded the world of the day he had knocked Michael Bisping out cold. He wrote,

"Enjoying the fights as much as possible while having to listen to Bisping. Happy anniversary to the night I put you to bed. @bisping"

The fiery tweet was an unprovoked shot at Michael Bisping who responded with jibes of his own. Michael Bisping first pointed out that Dan Henderson was on steroids and hence was a cheat. Then proceeded to point out that he had defeated Henderson with one eye.

"Yeah on steroids mate. You cheating c**t. No honor, no surprise. Then I beat you with one eye. Get fu**ed sour b*tch."

Michael Bisping continued his rant over in two tweets where he pointed out that Dan Henderson had not been able to capture a UFC title. Michael Bisping also added that Dan Henderson was living in past glory and didn't have the courage to talk that way to him in person,

"Never won the UFC belt. Don’t be sour you old wanker. Now disappear back to obscurity. Drinking again and reliving your old glory. All polite to my face and talk sh*t online. Didn’t have you down as a keyboard warrior."

Michael Bisping doesn't hold back while unleashing tweets at Dan Henderson

Turns out Dan Henderson wasn't done and wanted to continue the battle of words. He took to Twitter and replied that now that Michael Bisping was tweeting against him he wasn't paying attention to the fight.

This prompted Michael Bisping to hit back saying that Dan Henderson making fun of his one eye problem showed the kind of person he was. The tweet is not family friendly and you can see it here.

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