Michel Pereira details struggle of rescuing animals stranded in Brazil's devastating floods - "The scenes I've been seeing are scary" 

Michel Pereira provides update on Brazil floods. [Image courtesy: @UfcPereira on X]
Michel Pereira provides update on Brazil floods. [Image courtesy: @UfcPereira on X]

Michel Pereira has provided updates on the devastating floods in Brazil. Heavy rains continue to pummel Brazil's Rio Grande do Sul state, causing rivers to overflow and triggering renewed flooding. The situation remains dire, with over half a million displaced and a confirmed death toll exceeding 147.

In the midst of this crisis, UFC middleweight contender Michel Pereira has emerged as an unlikely hero. Pereira has actively participated in rescue efforts, focusing his efforts on saving animals stranded in the floods.

Taking to social media platform X, Pereira documented the harrowing situation:

"The last few days have been like this: a lot of struggle, but also a lot of satisfaction in each animal except for this gigantic flood. The scenes I’ve been seeing are scary. I’ve never seen something like this even in a movie, but I’m sure of one thing: we’re going to win this fight here too 👊🙏”

‘Demolidor’ acknowledged the physical toll but emphasized his commitment to helping:

“I’m exhausted but I can’t get tired of helping. I’ve never seen anything like this in my entire life, so I chose to be on the front line. We are with you, Rio Grande do Sul 🙏”

Michel Pereira defends controversial backflip strike at UFC 301

Michel Pereira emerged victorious from his UFC 301 bout against Ihor Potieria, but the win came with a side of controversy. While Pereira secured a quick submission via guillotine choke, a pre-submission maneuver raised concerns.

Following a knockdown, Pereira attempted his signature backflip to bypass Potieria's guard. However, he landed awkwardly, with his knee making contact with Potieria's head. This sparked a discussion among cage-side officials, with potential penalties like disqualification or no-contest being considered. Ultimately, they allowed Pereira's victory to stand.

Unapologetic about his flamboyant style, Pereira addressed the situation at the post-fight press conference:

“That’s why I’m getting the performances I’ve been getting. That’s why I’m the UFC’s showman. I’m always on the edge of the risks.”

This isn't Pereira's first brush with controversy surrounding his backflip. A similar incident occurred at UFC 264, where his foot grazed Niko Price's head during the maneuver. While Price protested, no action was taken by the referee.

Check out Michel Pereira's comment on the matter below:

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