MMA fighter Dustin Lampros catches another alleged pedophile and gets him arrested

Dustin Lampros confronting the pedophile. [via Instagram @scrappy135mma]
Dustin Lampros confronting the pedophile. [via Instagram @scrappy135mma]

Mixed martial artist Dustin Lampros has taken it upon himself to combat alleged pedophiles. In the past year, the fighter has confronted multiple individuals accused of being pedophiles and handed them over to the police after recording and interrogating them.

In his latest post on Instagram, Lampros apprehended a man who allegedly texted a 13-year-old girl lewd texts and attempted to meet up with her. In the Instagram post, the man is seen trying to explain himself to Lampros and rambling on before being shut down by the undefeated fighter.

The next clip in the post shows the man being handcuffed by the police and led away.

Check out the post below:

Dustin Lampros had also uploaded a compilation of all the alleged pedophiles he has apprehended in the past year. His post's caption speaks passionately about continuing the work and thanks the fans for their support.

Check out the post documenting all the apprehensions on Instagram:

Fans shower Dustin Lampros with support for his work against alleged pedophiles

Dustin Lampros is a former The Ultimate Fighter competitor and has competed for Shamrock FC since 2018. He was recently crowned the featherweight champion and extended his unbeaten record to eight wins in as many fights.

Fans showed support to Lampros after his latest confrontation with an alleged pedophile. They wrote:

"Doin gods work my man"
"Making a difference 👏"

Fans urged 'Scrappy' to continue in his noble endeavor.

"We need more people like you in the world. Please don’t stop this mission"
"Another one bites the dust! Keep it up brother!"

Fans also asked Dustin Lampros to produce merchandise so they could support his cause:

"Bro, make some shirts or rash guards so the people can support you. We gotta keep you doing what you're doing as long as we can"
Fans showing their support to Lampros on Instagram. [via Instagram @scrappy135mma]
Fans showing their support to Lampros on Instagram. [via Instagram @scrappy135mma]

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