MMA fighter Louis Glismann shocks fans with extremely rare inverted omoplata submission

Louis Glismann omoplata submission
Louis Glismann omoplata submission

Louis Glismann recently shocked the MMA world by pulling off an extremely rare inverted omoplata submission.

Glismann took on Melvin van Suijdam this past weekend at OKTAGON 43 in Prague. The welterweight bout ended in the very first round after Glismann locked in an inverted omoplata in the final seconds of the opening frame.

Seeing an omoplata is a rare sight. The move is extremely difficult and requires big movements just to set up the move, and fighters often escape the submission during these movements.

For context, there have been only two omoplatas in the history of the UFC and an inverted omoplata is an even rarer sight. Because of the same, fans were shocked to see Louis Glismann pull off a successful inverted omoplata.

Take a look at some of the reactions below:

"Huizinga roll from Judo"
"Submission of the year."
"Took his arm home with him"
"Wow! That was an amazing finish by Louis Glismann. #Omoplata #OKTAGON43"
"That was sick"
"Omg. Really difficult technic!!! And he clerly did in the match. Bravo. Respect"

Louis Glismann: Who has used omoplata in the UFC?

Despite being around since 1993, the UFC witnessed it's first successful omoplata over two decades later in 2014 when Ben Saunders took on Chris Heatherly at UFC Fight Night: Henderson vs. Dos Anjos.

In the first round of the fight, Ben Saunders was threatening variations of triangles and armbars, but when Chris Heatherly pulled his head out, Saunders spun for the omoplata. He managed to stay in control and Heatherly had no option but to tap out.


The second and last omoplata ever done in a UFC octagon came four years later in 2018 when Adam Wieczorek took on Arjan Bhullar. In the bout, Bhullar was seemingly growing in confidence after landing a few takedowns with relative ease and did not seem to be afraid of any offensive moves coming his way from the bottom.

However, Wieczorek ended up getting a omoplata locked on his opponent which made him tap in the second round of the fght. The bout was Bhullar's first loss in professional MMA career.

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