Christian Lee stays happy with life as he awaits his world title rematch

Christian Lee still feels that he won his fight with Ok Rae Yoon, but chooses to focus on his family for now. | [Photos: Christian Lee's Instagram]
Christian Lee still feels that he won his fight with Ok Rae Yoon, but chooses to focus on his family for now. | [Photos: Christian Lee's Instagram]

Christian Lee has not seen action since September 2021’s ONE: Revolution but he’s been making the most out of his time as he waits for the opportunity to reclaim the ONE lightweight world title.

The South China Morning Post recently checked in on Lee, who shared that that life has been great over the past few months:

“Right now. I'm happy at home with my wife and my daughter, spending a lot of great family time. So yeah, other than that, I've been in the gym every day. I've been training, staying sharp, and really just waiting to hear when the rematch is going to take place. Other than that, I just recently reopened the doors to the gym that my wife and I own, United MMA. We just started class again this month. So you know, it's just been exciting. Things are getting a bit busy again. And yeah, other than that, everything's great,” said Lee.

‘The Warrior’ was highly emotional after losing the ONE lightweight world title to Ok Rae Yoon in his last outing.

While the decision was reviewed, it was ultimately upheld, and Lee has been waiting for his rematch ever since. However, he revealed that the loss has not affected his life significantly, saying:

“My life hasn't changed at all. Not one bit. I'm still just as happy with my family. I still feel that I won the fight. And I still feel that I'm the best lightweight in the world. So you know, other than taking the title away, for me, nothing's changed”

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Christian Lee believes parenthood has given him and Angela Lee more fuel to fight

Christian Lee and Angela Lee have reached the top of their divisions at a young age. However, becoming new parents over the past year has given them a renewed fire to go even further up.

Lee believes that parenthood is motivating his sister in her world title defense against Stamp Fairtex at ONE X. Not only because he sees the fruits of her training, but also because he feels it himself:

“When we started off this career, we were kind of doing it for ourselves. For our own, you know, personal achievements. But now, as parents, you're no longer just fighting for yourself. When you go in there, you're fighting for your family, you attach a lot more to it because there's a lot more meaning behind what you do now. So definitely, I see that in everything Angela's doing and I think it's really going to help her go into this fight.”

Both of their daughters were born less than a month apart in the first half of 2021, and they have welcomed the responsibility of taking care of them while also training and honing their skills in martial arts.

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