John Lineker and Bibiano Fernandes say bad blood is behind them, ready to put on a show

John Lineker (Left) and Bibiano Fernandes (Right) are ready to put on a show for everyone. | [Photos: ONE Championship]
John Lineker (Left) and Bibiano Fernandes (Right) are ready to put on a show for everyone. | [Photos: ONE Championship]
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John Lineker and Bibiano Fernandes have been going at it on social media in the lead-up to their long-awaited fight, which has been twice derailed by COVID-19. Despite an apparent dislike for one another, they both shared that it’s all in the past and it will be all business when they finally meet.

Ahead of their bout at ONE: Lights Out on Friday, the pair engaged in a joint interview with SCMP MMA. Lineker shared his side of the heated exchanges and how he’s moved past it:

“I wanted to challenge him because he is the champion and the energy got a little bit heavy in the beginning but yeah, there’s a lot of respect and of course, he’s the champion. I’m just really happy and honored to be here, to be able to fight him and have a great fight and have a great show for you guys.”

Meanwhile, Fernandes said that sharing a bit of lineage in jiu-jitsu helped pacify his feelings for Lineker a bit:

“For sure there was some controversy in the beginning but then when I learned that his teachers were from Manaus, then I got a lot of respect. Manaus is our nature. But that was the past. It belongs in the past. What we have is now and tomorrow. What is important is to have a great show for you guys. So yeah, there’s respect but the important thing is having the fight and having a great show.”

Check out the full interview below:


John Lineker believes his fight with Bibiano Fernandes will inspire more Brazilians

Some may find competing against a countryman difficult. John Lineker sees it as an opportunity to inspire the next generation of Brazilian martial artists.

Both Lineker and his rival, Bibiano Fernandes, are proud of their heritage and carry their nation’s colors with honor whenever they compete. Performing on a huge stage like ONE Championship is something that was made possible by Brazilian fighters who came before them.

John Lineker believes that it’s their turn to give back to their country by being responsible for paving new roads for those who will come after them:

“I see two Brazilian fighters fighting for the name of the country, representing their flags. Many other Brazilian fighters came before us and opened the way for us. For sure this fight will inspire and open the way for many other Brazilians that are still to come. The most important thing is carrying this tradition ahead and having a great fight for the sport, for the fight, for ourselves, and also for the show and you guys.”

Tune in on March 11 to see the action unfold as two of the best Brazilians in MMA collide.

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