Tang Kai confident against any of the top five featherweights in ONE Championship

Tang Kai delivered a knockout victory as promised in ONE: NextGen II
Tang Kai delivered a knockout victory as promised in ONE: NextGen II
Ernest Leo Hernandez

Tang Kai scored another first-round knockout in ONE Championship during his recent win against Yoon Chang Min in ONE: NextGen II. This is his fifth straight win in the organization and he already feels confident in competing against the top featherweights.

The victory is seen as Kai's entry point to be ranked in the top five featherweights in ONE Championship. This Chinese fighter is already looking forward to challenging anyone in the division, including reigning world champion Thanh Le.

"I think I deserve in that ranking right away," said Tang during his post-fight interview. "In fact, I believe all the people in the Top 5 ranking will be the loser if they compete with me and I want a title bout right now."

Kai's record now improves to 13-2 with 11 of those victories coming from knockouts. Since coming to ONE Championship in January 2019, the fighter from Dragon Warrior Shanghai has demolished distinguished fighters. Most notably the likes of Edward Kelly, Keanu Subba, and Ryogo Takahashi.

Long overdue title shot in ONE Championship

Tang Kai made it clear prior to his fight with Yoon Chang Min that he deserves a better opponent. It is still odd for him to be competing against an unknown fighter after staying undefeated in ONE Championship. He insists that his opponent should be a fighter in the top 5 rankings.

β€œI thought I should be matched up with a top-five fighter to compete against. I don’t know why I’m matched up against some unknown fighter,” said Tang.


Kai started the fight feeling his opponent's power. Feeling he could take his strongest attacks, the Chinese fighter looked for an opening and managed to land a strong left hook to the jaw with one minute to go in the round. It was a highlight-reel knockout that Tang promised would happen.

Tang is no longer shy about telling ONE Championship what he wants. The featherweight division is stacked and he will have to compete with the likes of Christian Lee, Garry Tonon and former champion Martin Nguyen before earning a title shot.

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