"Other countries look at us as a joke!" - Jake Paul gives surprising views on Vivek Ramaswamy as he begins search for best Presidential candidate

Jake Paul (left), Vivek Ramaswamy (right) [Images courtesy of @jakepaul & @vivekramaswamy on Instagram]
Jake Paul (left), Vivek Ramaswamy (right) [Images courtesy of @jakepaul & @vivekramaswamy on Instagram]

Jake Paul has stated that he believes Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy could be a good choice for the future of America.

Ramaswamy is American entrepreneur and businessman, founding pharmaceutical giant Roivant Sciences in 2014. He announced his candidacy for the Republican party back in February 2023 and will stand next year in the US presidential election.

YouTube star-turned-boxer Jake Paul recently took to Instagram to reveal he was meeting a host of presedential candidates. 'The Problem Child' claimed that he doesn't fall on either the right or left side of politics, but believes America's upcoming presidential vote could be one of the most important in its history.

In a series of posts on his story, Jake Paul wrote:

"I seem right wing but really I'm pretty neutral on policies and want the truth to be told. I just want the games to be put to the side and I want salesman politics to die. People think this sh*t isn't important and it so is! Your vote matters...I'm the peoples champ and always will be. I got y'all."

After meeting Vivek Ramaswamy, Paul endorsed the candidate by saying:

"With all that said I like Vivek as a person and human truly. F*ck republican and democrat. He's a good a** American who can seriously help us."

Check out the posts here:

Jake Paul's Instagram story
Jake Paul's Instagram story

Jake Paul claims Nate Diaz ducked $10 million MMA fight offer

Following his boxing victory over Nate Diaz earlier this year, Jake Paul surprised fans by immediately calling for an MMA rematch against the Stockton native.

Fans were then eager to see Diaz with a homefield advantage, but the latest updates suggest a second bout may not be on the cards. Paul recently claimed that Diaz has turned down a staggering $10 million offer for the pair to run it back in the cage.

During a recent interview with TMZ Sports, Paul stated:

"We're at the drawing board right now. Nate Diaz ducked the $10 million offer. So he's not the badass that everyone said he was because I wanted to fight him in MMA. He accepted in the ring, and then behind the scenes, you know. We try to make it happen and push forward with it, and to no avail. I just, you know, dog-walked him in the boxing ring, made it look easy, and if I beat him in MMA, take his legendary status. So I don't know if he was like, 'Okay, maybe the risk of this isn't good enough for the $10 million.'"

Catch Paul's comments here (0:30)


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