Paulo Costa makes an offer to Sneako about getting "revenge" on UFC 302 rival Sean Strickland 

Paulo Costa (left) offers to avenge Sneako for Sean Strickland
Paulo Costa (left) offers to avenge Sneako for Sean Strickland's beatdown (right) [Image via: Getty Images, @N3onlie on X]

Paulo Costa has offered to exact revenge on Sean Strickland on Sneako's behalf for the beating 'Tarzan' dished out on the famous streamer earlier this year. Costa and Strickland are set to lock horns at UFC 302 in June.

For context, Sneako invited Strickland to a sparring session at the UFC Performance Institute earlier this year. The former middleweight champion accepted the invite and went up against the notorious 'Red Pill' influencer in the cage.

Sneako's inexperience didn't seem to affect Strickland and he went hard on his sparring partner.

Strickland landed a barrage of brutal shots on Sneako, who helplessly absorbed all the shots without putting up much defense. Soon after, several onlookers outside the cage threw in the towel to save Sneako from taking any more punishment, with UFC vet Forrest Griffin finally stepping in to stop the sparring session.

In the aftermath, many within the MMA community slammed Strickland for his actions, including several UFC fighters. Given that Costa is booked to face Strickland at UFC 302 in June, the Brazilian recently offered to give his American opponent a taste of his own medicine if Sneako was willing to pay him.

During a recent appearance on the JAXXON Podcast, 'Borrachinha' spoke about the Strickland-Sneako sparring controversy and said:

"He [Strickland] go really hard to hurt the guy [Sneako]?... Maybe if he can pay me some money, I can try to bring revenge. I don't have this bad blood yet [with Strickland], but maybe if he shows me some money, Sneako. Sneako if you want some revenge, talk to me. It's your best chance right now."

Catch Paulo Costa's comments below (1:14:35):


Michael Bisping on Sean Strickland vs. Paulo Costa fight at UFC 302

Michael Bisping recently shared his thoughts on the upcoming Sean Strickland vs. Paulo Costa matchup at UFC 302 in June. 'The Count' broke down the fight and outlined some advantages Strickland holds over Costa.

In a video uploaded to his YouTube channel, Bisping weighed in on the UFC 302 co-main event and stated that Strickland's superior gas tank would favor him in the fight. He said:

"Paulo Costa hits harder, I'm telling you right now. That's my opinion anyway... He will go out there, he will fight but his style is behind the jab. Paulo Costa is going to come forward a lot. I think Paulo Costa hits harder. But I think Sean has an advantage with the cardio...That is a significant advantage for Sean Strickland because he has an economic style. Paulo Costa swings with everything he has."

Catch Michael Bisping's comments below (7:45):


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