"What the f*** happened to this man" - Reddit thread of Joe Rogan fans expressing disappointment at quality of JRE content

UFC commentator and popular podcaster Joe Rogan
UFC commentator and popular podcaster Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan's fans are starting to turn on him.

A Reddit thread dedicated to Rogan and fans of his show, The Joe Rogan Experience, shows a turn of tides against the popular comedian. People who claim to be avid fans of Rogan are now criticizing him for what they perceive as a quality decline in the world-famous podcast.

Love to see @joerogan's own subreddit tear into him for being an out of touch elitist asshole. He mocked people upset over Roe being overturned and scoffed at the need for a mental health day and basically said "get back to work!" What a…

One Reddit user, who goes by u/jdandev, said they have been listening to Rogan over the past several years. However, they were disappointed after observing Rogan's evolution "in all the worst ways." The user wrote:

"I've never commented on this sub before. But as a listener since 2013 what the f*** happened to this man, he is a different person in all the worst ways."

Hundreds of self-proclaimed JRE fans agreed with the comment. Another commenter named u/scubawankenobi believes there's a stark contrast between Rogan's fans from the early days and the ones he recently acquired. Meanwhile, u/Dynemanti believes the UFC commentator's move to Texas made him partial to right-wing beliefs.

The backlash came after Rogan brought up the Roe v. Wade debate on his show. On episode #1816 of the JRE podcast, the wildly-popular comic mocked people who were concerned at the Roe v. Wade abortion rulings.

Watch the clip below:

Guy who doesn’t have a real job:

Joe Rogan's stance on Roe v. Wade debate

Although Joe Rogan received backlash for his attempt at a joke, he made it clear that he's "100 percent in favor of a woman's right to choose." Speaking about the issue on episode #1812 of his show, Rogan said:

"I am 100% for a woman's right to choose. But as a human being, just a person observing things, there's a big difference between a little clump of cells and a fetus with the eyeball and the beating heart. And for anybody to pretend there's not."

Listen to the full episode of JRE #1812 below:

Earlier this month, a leaked document revealed details of a draft Supreme Court decision that, if made official, would overturn Roe v. Wade. If the court's majority draft becomes final, 13 states would immediately outlaw abortion through "trigger laws."

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