Ryan Garcia, Devin Haney, and others slam Shakur Stevenson for snoozefest as fans boo and leave the arena mid-fight

Shakur Stevenson
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Shakur Stevenson is being slammed for putting on a snoozefest against Edwin De Los Santos.

On Thursday night, Stevenson and Santos entered the squared circle at the T-Mobile arena for the vacant WBC lightweight championship. The 26-year-old successfully won the title as he beat his opponent via unanimous decision.

Despite the result, Shakur Stevenson is being heavily criticized for his performance. While many expected Stevenson to stop Edwin De Los Santos, that wasn't the case. Moreover, fans in the arena seemingly got bored of the fight and started to leave the arena before the final bell rang.

Reacting to the fight, fans and fighters like Ryan Garcia and Devin Haney expressed their frustrations on social media. Take a look at some of the reactions below:

"Imagine going to this fight for Formula 1 weekend, I would ask for my money back and go straight to bed, that’s how sleepy I’d be from being there. Tell me who wins I’m can’t keep my eyes open goodnight."
"Should’ve offered this Bum 10% I was being too generous!"
"@ShakurStevenson is one of the worst forever-prospect ever. His fight should be in a gym and it should be free on youtube."
Fan reactions
Fan reactions

Shakur Stevenson reveals how he spent his first $1 million earning

While speaking to GQ Sports, Stevenson revealed that he got his first seven-figure paycheck following his victory over Joet Gonzalez for the vacant WBO featherweight championship. The 26-year-old spoke about how he spent money on buying a house for his mom and siblings while spoiling himself with expensive watches and a car. He said:

"The first thing that I did was buy my mother a house, and that was like 550,000. It was a big house; six bedrooms, with a movie room, a little office in the front. It was a nice big house... Next big purchase; I spent like 85K on some jewelry. I really only bought a watch and chain; around 50 or 60 on the Rolex and then like 20 or 30 on the chain."

He added:

"Next will be my Maybach [vehicle]. 150K on a Maybach, man... And the rest [$215,000] went to my family. The rest of that money just went to my everyday spending; and also just making sure my family's straight, my little brothers and sisters. It's seven boys and two girls."

Catch Shakur Stevenson's comments in the video below (00:40):


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