Saudi Arabia's Turki Alalshikh believes he can get Dana White to squash a long-running beef: "It is time to turn the page"

Turki Alalshikh (left) wants to make peace between Dana White (right) and veteran MMA reporter [Image via: Getty Images]
Turki Alalshikh (left) wants to make peace between Dana White (right) and veteran MMA reporter [Image via: Getty Images]

It's no secret that Dana White and Ariel Helwani don't get along anymore. While there is a long-running feud between the two, Saudi Arabia's Turki Alalshikh is looking to broker peace between them.

Helwani infamously got into White's bad books after reporting Brock Lesnar's UFC return against Mark Hunt at UFC 200 just hours before the UFC 199 event kicked off. The promotion was gearing up for a big reveal for the fans, which was inevitably spoiled after Helwani's report got out.

He was then physically removed from the arena and banned from future UFC events. While the ban lasted only two days before it was lifted, the relationship between Helwani and White was seemingly damaged beyond repair.

Alalshikh recently made an appearance on The MMA Hour show and expressed his desire to try repairing the relationship between White and Helwani. He said:

"Small direct message for you [Helwani]. When you finish your fight with Dana White, we want to see you together... It is time to turn the page and beginning new page... If you come to the card, the UFC card, any card with us in Riyadh, or on the [Las] Vegas card in The Sphere, I want me and you and Dana White together."

Ariel Helwani shares an intriguing detail about Dana White beef

Ariel Helwani recently spoke about his ongoing feud with Dana White and revealed some never-before-heard information regarding his ban from the UFC. The veteran reporter also addressed the accusations against him.

After he was banned from attending UFC events, Helwani was also accused of gaining access to insider information and using unethical ways to report breaking news. However, he's always maintained his innocence.

During an episode of The MMA Hour show, Helwani told Darren Till about what went down after he was removed from the arena at UFC 199. Revealing that White tried to guess who told him about Brock Lesnar's top-secret return, he said:

"I'm the one that got in trouble. Not Brock Lesnar or Mark Hunt... What he [Dana White] tried to spin was that I got this news secretly from the UFC... I've never actually told this... When he kicked me out of the building... He actually tried to guess who told me the news and he guessed someone that was friends with Brock."

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