Sean O'Malley breaks down if boxing gloves would pose issues to Nate Diaz's scar tissue

Sean O
Sean O'Malley [Left], and Nate Diaz [Right] [Photo credit: - Sean O'Malley - YouTube]

Sean O'Malley weighed in on the upcoming boxing bout between Jake Paul and Nate Diaz and shared his thoughts on whether the Stockton native's scar tissue will be an issue for him.

On a recent episode of The Bro'Malley Show, Sean O'Malley spoke about Nate Diaz's scar tissue, which has resulted in a number of large cuts during his UFC career. He mentioned that the scar tissue could be an issue because of the gloves and Paul's power:

"I mean, with that kinda sh*t, probably open up." [17:13 - 17:16]

Even though Sean O'Malley believes that Nate Diaz's scar tissue could likely open up, he noted that the fight could go either way. He mentioned that there is still a path to victory for the former UFC star, especially in boxing where he doesn't necessarily need to be more powerful to earn a TKO win, saying:

"Nate [Diaz] doesn't need necessarily power to finish Jake [Paul]. A lot of boxing, like, you could get TKO stoppages when they're up agains the ring covering up. You could just hitting him, you know what I mean? And Nate's gonna have a little pop, he's a little bigger, he's definitely gonna have some pop so it's not an easy fight for either guys." [17:18 - 17:34]

It will be interesting to see whether 'Sugar' is correct with his assessment and whether the scar tissue will factor in the result of Saturday's fight.

Check out the full video:


Jake Paul sounds off on Nate Diaz following press conference

Jake Paul sounded off on Nate Diaz following an altercation between their respective teams at the press conference for their upcoming boxing bout.

Paul took to Twitter and addressed what transpired after their staredown, which saw pushing and shoving between the two teams and punches even being thrown. He mentioned that his team received an email from the former TUF winner's side claiming that one of the members of their team required stitches, writing:

"Nate’s team has emailed my team trying to claim assault after his team swung first...Apparently the guy who swung first is at the hospital getting stitches...Hilarious these fake gangsters acting like this!"

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