Sean O'Malley ridicules TJ Dillashaw for demanding UFC title shot straight after suspension

TJ Dillashaw
TJ Dillashaw
Anwesha Nag

Nearing the end of his two-year USADA suspension for testing positive for EPO, TJ Dillashaw has already started talking about fighting for the bantamweight title.

Both Petr Yan and top contender Aljamain Sterling took shots at TJ Dillashaw for demanding a title shot right after his return post-suspension.

Sean O'Malley supported his fellow bantamweights on his YouTube channel by saying that he does not think TJ Dillashaw deserves a shot at the belt so soon.

Sean O'Malley: TJ Dillashaw should fight me first

Sean O'Malley said that he had seen Aljamain Sterling's tweet about what TJ Dillashaw said. Sterling questioned why someone should be rewarded right after serving time for cheating.

Sean O'Malley agreed that he did cheat with the EPO, but he has also done his two years, so he was not sure.

"In other news, TJ Dillashaw is coming back. I saw the tweet from Aljamain Sterling the other day saying 'How can you reward someone for cheating...' and it's a good point... It was straight cheating... But he did his two years. I don't know..."

But he called out TJ Dillashaw and stated that he did not think he was deserving of a title shot so soon, and should at least go through him first.

"What do you guys think? I am curious to know the fans' perspective. Do you think he deserves an immediate title shot. I don't. I think he should fight 'Sugar' Sean O'Malley. But who am I to say?"

TJ Dillashaw does not consider Petr Yan the champion

In an interview with ESPN's Brett Okamoto, TJ Dillashaw said that he did not consider Petr Yan to be the undisputed champion of the 135-pound division. Yan won the vacated title by defeating a 0-2 down Jose Aldo and is yet to defend his title.

Dillashaw has claimed Petr Yan is an interim champion, at most.

"Look man, I want that title. I want it right away. You got a guy Petr Yan that beat someone for a belt that was 0-2 in the weight division. Jose Aldo had two losses and you beat him for a title, so how’re you calling yourself a champion? To me, you’re an interim champion. That belt has changed hands every fight. There’s been no one there that’s been sitting there being dominant. That is my belt, I wanna come back, I want that title fight."

Petr Yan, in retaliation, called him a cheater, and asked him to wait in line for the belt.

Do you think TJ Dillashaw deserves a UFC title shot soon? Sound off in the comments.

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