"Stay in the PFL take your easy Ws" - Sean Strickland takes a jab at Kayla Harrison for struggling against "low level" opponent

Sean Strickland (left) and Kayla Harrison (right) [Image Courtesy: @seanstrickland_mma and @judokayla on Instagram]
Sean Strickland (left) and Kayla Harrison (right) [Image Courtesy: @seanstrickland_mma and @judokayla on Instagram]

Sean Strickland wasn’t impressed with Kayla Harrison's performance in her fight against Marina Mokhnatkina. The UFC middleweight advised the two-time Olympic judo gold medalist to "stay in the PFL".

It appears that 'Tarzan' was watching the third event of the Professional Fighters League 2022 Regular Season and took to Twitter to voice his opinion on the PFL women’s lightweight champion.

Sean Strickland stated that this fight reminded him why Harrison is not a member of the UFC roster and advised her to stay in the PFL to earn easy wins in the promotion:

"Watching @KaylaH struggle with this low level girl just reminds me why shes not in the UFC. Stay in the PFL take your easy Ws in the scrub league…"

Kayla Harrison defeated Marina Mokhnatkina via a unanimous decision to secure her thirteenth consecutive win.

She became her hardest critic, as in her post-fight interview she slammed herself for lacking performance:

"I think it was utter dog crap. Sorry to the fans, I wanted to put on a better show for you. These girls are tougher than you think. I make it look easy sometimes, but other nights, not so much."

Kayla Harrison on pursuing Cris Cyborg

In the lead-up to her first fight of the PFL 2022 Regular Season, Kayla Harrison appeared on The MMA Hour to discuss a wide variety of topics, with a potential super fight against Cris Cyborg being one of them.

Harrison admitted that she’s tired of talking about it, as the possibility of making it happen was shut down multiple times when she re-signed with the PFL. She received a contract offer from Bellator and signed it, but the PFL had the right to match it and that's exactly what happened.

It is already known that Cyborg will become a free agent during the summer, which could lead to their fight taking place inside the PFL Smart Cage if she'd decide to sign with the promotion. Harrison was assured by the PFL’s authorities that they would pursue the Brazilian fighter.

Harrison said:

"I have been assured by the top of the top. They want this fight too! Who doesn’t? Everybody wants this fight! They want it, I want it, the fans want it. They’re going to do everything in their power to make this fight happen."

Watch Kayla Harrison talk about a potential Chris Cyborg fight in of the video below:


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