"She knows how to play the victim" - Fans give Ronda Rousey grief for recent comments about not attending UFC events

Ronda Rousey last fought MMA in 2016 [Image courtesy @rondarousey on Insatgram]
Ronda Rousey last fought under MMA rules in 2016 [Image courtesy @rondarousey on Insatgram]

Despite being one of the early pioneers who was instrumental in catapulting the popularity of MMA, Ronda Rousey has largely distanced herself from the sport since leaving the UFC. However, her reasoning as to why she doesn't attend UFC events anymore has failed to connect with fight fans.

In her new book, 'Our Fight: A Memoir' 'Rowdy' has discussed various details about her career and her comments about MMA media vilifying her have caught the public eye.

In a recent interview with High Performance, the former Olympic bronze medal-winning judoka claimed that she refrains from attending UFC events because MMA media has compromised her standing with the fans:

"Everything that could be said that was negative was said [after my losses], and I feel really vilified by MMA media at this point and I'm not really welcome back, which is why I haven't gone to a UFC fight since, because I'm pretty sure if I walked into the arena, I'd be booed. Yeah, that's how it feels."

Catch Ronda Rousey's comments below:

Suffice it to say, fight fans were not too kind to the MMA legend's comments, prompting them to take to social media to speak their minds on the matter.

@kristiandenni12 wrote:

"Wow, she knows how to play the victim."

@AlwaysAtMe opined:

"She has the likability of Hitler."

However, not all netizens lashed out against her.

@kash8878 chimed in:

"I'll cheer for you. You are a warrior."

Check out a few other responses below:

Screenshots courtesy @HappyPunch on Instagram
Screenshots courtesy @HappyPunch on Instagram

When Amanda Nunes blamed coach for premature end to Ronda Rousey's career

After their UFC 207 bout, Amanda Nunes was convinced that Ronda Rousey's MMA days were over. However the 'Lioness' believes 'Rowdy' could've gone on for much longer in the sport if not for the "crazy" ideas her coach put in her head.

On Dec. 30, 2016, Nunes made light work of the former women's bantamweight champion, TKO'ing her in the opening round. The Brazilian believes Rousey could've fared better in her career if she had played to her strengths and had not resorted to boxing.

During the post-fight press conference of the event, Nunes ripped into Rousey's coach saying:

"He thinks she is a boxer. He [her coach] put his thing in her head and made the girl believe in that. I don't know why he did that. She has great judo and [with it] she can go forward in this division, but he put like some crazy thing about boxing, and then her career started going down."

Catch Amanda Nunes' comments about Ronda Rousey below (2:50):


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