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'Smart logics say if you’re on top group up' - Derek Brunson believes the Jon Jones pay saga is a lesson for all fighters

Derek Brunson (left); Jon Jones (right)
Derek Brunson (left); Jon Jones (right)
Johny Payne
Modified 01 Apr 2021

Derek Brunson has suggested that the ongoing Jon Jones pay saga is a lesson for all fighters. Brunson believes that the top fighters in the world seek greater pay only for themselves as individuals. He feels that they ought to rather utilize their power to raise the average pay of fighters in the industry.

The veteran UFC middleweight contender took to his official Twitter account to put forth multiple tweets that addressed the public dispute between Jon Jones on one hand and Dana White and the UFC on the other.

Derek Brunson’s tweets regarding this ongoing saga have been embedded below:

“While we’re talking about fighters pay. What about the fighters who live fight to fight. I’m not one of them so it doesn’t pertain to me. But I’m compassionate for those individuals. The 1% need to fight their own battles. We learned more for Conor doesn’t = better fighter pay.”
“I ain’t never hear a fighter on top say fighters need to be paid more, it’s always 'I' need to be paid more. Smart logics say if you’re on top group up. Which in return would benefit you later. But no one cares until it hits close to home!”
“So with that being said Dana & investors. I’m with y’all, keep eating until these guys get smart and apply that pressure. Fighters don’t sign a 10 fight contract then complain after 2 fights. Where was that energy before hand !”

Derek Brunson expressed his compassion towards fighters who live on a fight-to-fight basis; fighters who lack sufficient financial resources to lead a comfortable life between fights. Brunson added that 1 percent, i.e. top-tier fighters, need to fight their own battles when it comes to pay.


On that note, Derek Brunson pointed out that he’s never heard a top fighter demand better pay for all fighters. Brunson noted that a top fighter usually demands better pay only for himself/herself.

Furthermore, Derek Brunson emphasized that the top fighters need to group up and help raise fighter pay in general. This will help the top fighters too in the long run. Brunson added, however, that no one cares about this until they themselves are the ones fighting for better pay.

Derek Brunson also jibed at UFC president Dana White and UFC investors for getting the better of most fighters in business negotiations. Brunson also opined that he’d like to see fighters be smarter with their contracts.

Derek Brunson’s opinion and Jon Jones’s negotiation

Jon Jones (left); Derek Brunson (right)
Jon Jones (left); Derek Brunson (right)

Derek Brunson’s tweets have set the MMA community abuzz with speculation as to whether or not they agree with Brunson’s take on the saga. Some believe that Brunson is right and the top-tier fighters ought to work towards raising the average pay of the fighter rather than just focusing on their own pay. Others disagree with Brunson and claim that the top fighters don’t owe this to him or anyone else.

Meanwhile, Jon Jones is engaged in a bitter war of words against Dana White and the UFC. Jones claims he’d like to face UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou next, as had been alluded to by both White and Jones.

Regardless, Jones is demanding that he ought to be paid better if the UFC truly wants to book him in a heavyweight title fight against Francis.

Published 01 Apr 2021, 08:50 IST
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