Joe Rogan and Sean O'Malley discuss Floyd Mayweather's recent fights with YouTubers

Joe Rogan (Left), Sean O
Joe Rogan (Left), Sean O'Malley (Middle), and Floyd Mayweather (Right)

Joe Rogan and 'Sugar' Sean O'Malley have weighed in on boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s exhibition boxing matches that have taken place in the last few years. 'Money' retired from professional boxing in August 2017 but continues to compete in exhibition boxing bouts. These contests are usually against YouTubers and kickboxers rather than current top-tier boxers.

Floyd Mayweather notably defeated kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa via first-round TKO in December 2018. The boxing legend later outworked YouTuber superstar Logan Paul over eight rounds in June 2021.

Mayweather then outclassed fellow boxing veteran and sparring partner Don Moore in May 2022 in another bout that went the distance. This was then followed by Mayweather's second-round TKO win against kickboxer Mikuru Asakura in September. Most recently, 'Money' faced and beat YouTuber Deji Olatunji via sixth-round TKO earlier this month.

The final moments of the #MayweatherDeji exhibition. @FloydMayweather gets another exhibitor TKO πŸ‘Š (via @GlobalTitansFS)

On The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Joe Rogan and 'Sugar' Sean O'Malley lightheartedly suggested that it's hilarious how certain YouTubers risk fighting a boxing legend like Floyd Mayweather for money. Rogan highlighted that fighters like Mayweather, O'Malley, and Conor McGregor are flamboyant personalities and prolific trash talkers.

Watch the podcast episode below:

Rogan and O'Malley agreed on the point that such fighters attract many fans and haters, with the latter group tuning in to watch them get beat up. Furthermore, they insinuated that the YouTubers who faced Mayweather overestimated their fighting prowess. UFC commentator Rogan stated:

"It's crazy. It's so funny that these guys are willing to get beat up by him. They really think they have a chance."

Similarly, O'Malley explained:

"I love what he [Mayweather] is doing too; beating up these YouTube guys... I think they're all delusional; most of them. I mean, yeah, they really think [they can beat Mayweather] -- I mean, yeah, 'I can land it. I can land a shot.'"

Watch Rogan and O'Malley discuss the topic at 3:14 in the video below:


When Joe Rogan labeled Floyd Mayweather a "genius" after his boxing match against Logan Paul

A self-proclaimed MMA fanatic and former Taekwondo competitor, Joe Rogan has time and again expressed his respect for the greats of combat sports.

Back in June 2021, the MMA personality addressed Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s exhibition boxing match against Logan Paul and commended the boxing great for putting forth an entertaining event.


Taking to his Instagram account, Joe Rogan indicated that he was truly surprised by how much he was looking forward to the Mayweather-Paul fight. Noting that he was "giddy with excitement," Rogan suggested that 'Money' managed to put on one of the most fascinating boxing events of the year despite having retired from pro boxing since 2017. Rogan wrote:

"First of all @FloydMayweather is a f**king genius in more ways than one. He’s arguably the greatest boxer of all time, and in the twilight of his career he’s managed to make hundreds of millions of dollars fighting people who really don’t have a chance to beat him. Just f**king genius.”

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