Stephen Loman feels Superbon could have used his distance "a little better" to set up counters

Stephen Loman (left), Superbon (center), photo by ONE Championship
Stephen Loman (left), Superbon (center), photo by ONE Championship

Superbon Singha Mawynn fell to Belarusian kickboxer Chingiz Allazov at ONE Fight Night 6. Fellow striker Stephen Loman believes he knows where to start for the former world champion to seek improvement.

The ONE bantamweight MMA fighter, Loman, closely watched the fight and saw the finish coming for Allazov. Speaking to media outlet The MMA Superfan, 'The Sniper' gave his thoughts on the technical improvements that Superbon could have made throughout the fight:

"I think that if Superbon had used his distance a little better, and used his footwork when Allazov was coming forward, the damage could have been reduced. Make Allazov miss and he would get tired more easily. If he got the timing right, and used his footwork, then he could have landed some counter shots and found some openings. But that’s just me."

Stephen Loman, who originates from a wushu background, has an insight into striking that very few other spectators have. In his brief tenure in ONE Championship, he’s outstruck all three of his opponents. In his debut, he knocked out Russian veteran Yusup Saadulaev with an overhand left in the first round.

Superbon will no doubt be studying his performance against Allazov, listening to advice such as this as he prepares for an eventual rematch with the new world champion. Stephen Loman, on the other hand, last fought in November and does not have a fight scheduled.

Fabricio Andrade critical of Stephen Loman’s previous opponents, believes they’ll fight for a belt soon

As fellow bantamweight Fabricio Andrade prepares for his world title fight against John Lineker scheduled for next month, he took a shot at fellow contender Stephen Loman.

In an interview with ONE Championship, Andrade stated that he believed Loman had fought fighters in ONE Championship past their primes.

Here’s what he had to say about Stephen Loman:

“It’s hard to say. Is he really good, or is he getting good opponents, you know? So, we’re just gonna see. Now he gets his chance. He was BRAVE champion, now he’s gonna get his chance and we’re gonna see how good he really is.”

Stephen Loman is 3 - 0 in ONE Championship, beating Yusup Saadulaev, Shoko Sato, and former world champion Bibiano Fernandes. He’s currently ranked number three in the bantamweight division and is likely just one fight away from a world title shot.

Fabricio Andrade and John Lineker will fight in a rematch for the vacant bantamweight world championship on February 24th in Bangkok, with their first fight ending in a no contest. Lineker, the former world champion, dropped the belt after missing weight for that fight.

ONE Fight Night 7 airs on Amazon Prime in US prime time for North American subscribers on February 24th, live from Lumpinee Stadium.

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