I have that itch, that adrenaline - AEW women's champion 'Thunder Rosa' on wanting one more MMA fight

Melissa 'Thunder Rosa' Cervantes
Melissa 'Thunder Rosa' Cervantes

Melissa 'Thunder Rosa' Cervantes is considering a small break from professional wrestling to get another MMA fight. The Tijuana native is the current AEW women's world champion, but that's not stopping her from wanting her second professional cage fight.

Cervantes made her pro-MMA debut in November 2019 with Combate Americas, now known as Combate Global. Unfortunately, she lost by unanimous decision against Nadine Mandiau, who holds a record of 1-4, with this being Mandiau's only win.

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Although Cervantes is having tremendous success in pro wrestling, she wants to take on another MMA fight. During an interview on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, the AEW women's world champion opened up about her desire to compete in MMA by saying:

"I wanna have one more fight, if possible. If my time permits. Fortunately, I'm really busy right now with being the champion of a major company, but it's like I have that itch."

Pro wrestling is known for being a massive commitment, especially when on is an AEW champion. At 35 years old, the Tijuana native has the inspiration and platform for another MMA fight, but she might have to wait until after she loses her title.

Watch Ariel Helwani's interview with 'Thunder Rosa' below:


'Thunder Rosa' details the feeling she gets inside an MMA cage

Pro wrestling is pure entertainment, but the unpredictability of MMA is what draws in fans. 'Thunder Rosa' wanting to return to MMA is not shocking, considering how most fighters get addicted to the process. During the same interview, the AEW women's world champion had this to say about how she feels in the cage:

"That adrenaline you get when you're in the cage and the feeling that you get. You're invincible, but you're not. That moment of the fog, the lights, the everything, the people, the smell of the blood, the smell of the sweat...Not knowing what's gonna happen is just what makes it even like I wanna jump in there again."

Some would think taking a break from pro wrestling for MMA is absurd, but Cervantes is a hard worker who likes to take chances. Some promotions will surely be of interest to the viewership the AEW champion brings in, but it would make the most sense for her to return to Combate Global.

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