Joe Rogan and Tim Kennedy discuss chilling story of former UFC fighter's time in Afghanistan

Joe Rogan (left) and Tim Kennedy (right), [via The Joe Rogan Experience / Doug Ladd]
Joe Rogan (left) and Tim Kennedy (right), [via The Joe Rogan Experience / Doug Ladd]

Joe Rogan sat down with Tim Kennedy to discuss his time as a soldier in Afghanistan.

Tim Kennedy once proved his toughness and durability as a fighter in the UFC, then retired from the promotion to showcase his talents as a soldier in the US Army. He participated in operations in Afghanistan and recently revealed some chilling details of his time there. Kennedy spoke with Joe Rogan about the madness and inhumane atrocities he witnessed in Afghanistan. Additionally, he explained the desperation of the people to escape and the amount of quick thinking it took to bring people to safety.

In one story, in particular, Kennedy described trying to flee with a person from the region who could provide pertinent information. The native wanted to bring in other members of their family but was limited to himself and was running out of time.

Kennedy told Rogan:

"By that time, usually the Taliban have spotted us and it's a foot race to make it back to the wire before they catch us."

In return, Joe Rogan asked what happened to those left behind. Kennedy replied:

"They're murdered. Or used. There's pilots and they're doctors and they're engineers. They run the sewer system, they run the electric plant, so they're trying to get out but the Taliban want them to stay because all the infrastructure that's built there are operated by people that were friendly to the Americans... All those people know that they all then be slaves to the Taliban. So they're trying to get out."

As a special forces operator, sniper, and ranger in the Army, Kennedy has devoted his life to the United States of America. He last fought in the octagon in 2016 against Kelvin Gastellum and holds a record of 18-6.

Watch the conversation between Joe Rogan and Tim Kennedy in the video below:


Catch the full JRE episode below:

Tim Kennedy defeated Michael Bisping at the TUF Nations Finale in 2014

Tim Kennedy was a top middleweight competitor in the UFC. He fought some big names and won against fierce prospects. One of his most notable fights was against former champion Michael Bisping. Their fight took place at The Ultimate Fighter Nations finale in 2014.

Kennedy dominated the fight, winning by unanimous decision, with one judge giving him a 50-45 on the scorecard. It was a major win for Kennedy but was short-lived as he suffered a controversial loss to Yoel Romero the same year and then to Kelvin Gastellum two years later, placing him on a two-fight losing streak.

He retired from MMA shortly after that loss and is now a soldier in the United States Army.

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