"I want to elbow him. I want to make him bleed" - Tyron Woodley reveals that Jake Paul's trainer J'Leon Love turned down an MMA bout against him

Tyron Woodley wanted to fight Jake Paul's trainer J'Leon Love
Tyron Woodley wanted to fight Jake Paul's trainer J'Leon Love
Anurag Mitra

Tyron Woodley has revealed that he was initially interested in fighting Jake Paul's trainer and former boxer, J'Leon Love. Although he was offered a fight under MMA rules, Woodley claims Love was unwilling to dance inside the cage with him.

Tyron Woodley wanted to beat up Paul's trainer because of his past attempts to make a fool out of the former UFC champ. Woodley claims Love also tried to provoke him when they met each other in Paul's locker room on the night of the Ben Askren fight.

In a recent interaction with Ariel Helwani, Tyron Woodley discussed his beef with Jake Paul's trainer. According to Woodley, it all started when Love and Jake Paul prank called him ahead of Paul's clash against Ben Askren. Initially unsure of the culprit, Woodley soon discovered it was Love after he shared a clip of the prank call online.

In the video clip, Paul and Love apparently leaked Woodley's number on camera due to which he's been getting "hundreds of calls":

"I get my phone start blowing up, this vlog comes out, so J'Leon and Jake were pranking me on the phone but what they did was they didn't know but they turned the phone towards the camera and my number was exposed so to this day, three or four hundred calls a day everytime I go live, a million calls a day, like they try to interrupt the live so that made me want to beat somebody's a**."

When Tyron Woodley met J'Leon in Jake Paul's locker room during the Ben Askren fight, he knew who had pranked him. 'The Chosen One' kept his calm despite Love trying to incite him because he'd promised his mother he wouldn't lose his head.

Ben Askren was the first person to suggest Tyron Woodley to fight Jake Paul

After his devastating knockout loss to Jake Paul, Ben Askren claimed he'd like to see his friend Tyron Woodley fight the YouTube star. Askren admitted that Woodley is a much better boxer than him and could beat Paul in a potential fight:

"I would love Tyron to whip him up. Tyron wants to fight Oscar De La Hoya but I'd love for Tyron to fight Jake Paul. he is a significantly better boxer than I am so that would be my guy," said Ben Askren.

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