UFC fighter health under scrutiny after Hunter Campbell reportedly acknowledges presence of "suspected CTE" in fighters

Vincente Luque and Hunter Campbell
Vicente Luque (left) and Hunter Campbell (right) [Images courtesy: @luquevicente on Instagram and UFC official website]

Brain injuries in combat sports, particularly in the UFC, have been a topic of growing concern in recent years. The nature of sports involves repeated strikes to the head, increasing the risk of concussions and long-term damage.

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE), a degenerative brain condition, has been a particular focus of research in combat sports due to its association with repeated head trauma.

According to the claims by combat sports regulatory lawyer Erik Magraken, UFC's Chief Business Officer Hunter Campbell acknowledged the presence of suspected CTE in some fighters.

"Hunter C said no fighters in the UFC have had serious brain injury. I told him several have suspected CTE. And that is serious brain injury. He did not disagree. I’ll call that progress."

Check out the tweet below:

Following Campbell's reported admission, the health of the fighters has come under scrutiny. Fans didn't hesitate to highlight the alarming instances of brain injuries, particularly in the cases of Vicente Luque and Spencer Fisher.

During his fight with Geoff Neal in August 2022, Luque experienced a brain bleed. Meanwhile, Fisher's career came to a tragic end in 2013 when pre-fight medical scans revealed lesions on his brain.

One fan wrote:

"Did Vicente Luque not just say he had a brain hemorrhage last year?"

Another fan posted:

"The fact that he would be bold enough to make that claim is absurd."

Check out some more reactions below:

"My dear friend Spencer would like a word.."
"Vicente Luque is coming back after a long hiatus due to hemorrhaging of his brain. That's a serious brain injury..."
"Could someone ask him to define what he considers ‘serious’? Then maybe ask guys like Spencer Fisher and TJ Grant what they consider ‘serious’."
Credits: Twitter
Credits: Twitter

Vicente Luque medically cleared to compete in UFC Vegas 79 following a brain hemorrhage in 2022

Vicente Luque has received medical clearance to compete in the main event of UFC Vegas 79 following a special hearing conducted by the NAC (Nevada Athletic Commission).

Last year, Luque suffered two decisive losses against Belal Muhammad and Geoff Neal. During his fight against 'Handz of Steel', Luque reportedly suffered a brain bleed. However, after obtaining what was considered adequate medical clearance, the NAC granted him unanimous approval to return to competition.

'The Silent Assassin' is set to headline the Fight Night event against former lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos in a welterweight clash on August 12 at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas.

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