UFC icon Chuck Liddell responds to Bradley Martyn's street fight question with blank stare

Chuck Liddell and Bradley Martyn [Image via: @RosssEdmunds on X and @bradleymartyn on Instagram]
Chuck Liddell and Bradley Martyn [Images via: @RosssEdmunds on X and @bradleymartyn on Instagram]

Bradley Martyn is at it again. The fitness influencer and social media personality recently asked Chuck Liddell if the former UFC light heavyweight champion could beat him in a street fight.

For context, Martyn hosts a popular podcast on YouTube called Raw Talk and often invites MMA fighters as guests on his show. When speaking to martial artists, he notoriously asks them if they could beat him in a street fight.

While many viewers thought Martyn was serious about his chances against professional fighters, he gradually leaned into the trope and made it clear he was simply trolling his guests to see how they reacted.

In the latest episode of the Raw Talk podcast, Martyn spoke to Liddell and discussed various topics related to mixed martial arts. As usual, Martyn hit Liddell with his infamous question, after the former fighter described himself as a "heavy-handed street fighter."

It appears Liddell wasn't familiar with Martyn's schtick and was confused as to why the podcast host thought he could win against him. 'The Iceman' couldn't believe Martyn asked him such a question and just stared at the influencer for a moment.

After Martyn laughed and asked him if he knew about the viral clips of him asking MMA fighters if they could take him in a street fight, Liddell answered in the negative and said:

"Oh, I didn't know that. No, I don't give you much of a shot. I don't know what your background is, so you never know."

Check out Chuck Liddell's response to Bradley Martyn:

When Sean O'Malley shared his thoughts on a potential Nate Diaz vs. Bradley Martyn street fight

UFC bantamweight champion Sean O'Malley once shared his thoughts on a potential Nate Diaz vs. Bradley Martyn street fight.

Earlier this year, Diaz went on Martyn's podcast as a guest and discussed everything from his life in the UFC to his boxing debut against Jake Paul. During the course of their conversation, the fitness influencer asked the Stockton slugger if he could beat him in a street fight. Diaz confidently replied in the affirmative and laughed off Martyn's question.

Given Diaz's reputation as a fighter, Martyn's question irked many fans. While most thought that the former UFC star's experience and training would be enough to defeat Martyn, some felt the influencer's massive frame could pose Diaz problems.

In an episode of the BrO'Malley Show, 'Sugar' chimed in on the discussion and said:

"There's only one way to ever find out. You can get a good idea in a cage, you guys could do it in a cage with rules. Bradley's so massive, imagine he picks him up. Get a hold, pick up, and slam. So it changes with actual rules. It's so hard to say."

Watch the full clip below:


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