UFC Middleweight Champion Israel Adesanya warns Jon Jones over personal trash talk: 'You don't want war with me!'

Israel Adesanya
Israel Adesanya

Israel Adesanya and Jon Jones made things personal when they brought each other's parents into their usual Twitter warfare earlier in October.

The two have been going back and forth on social media for a long time now, fueling the feud which is likely to culminate in a super fight sometime next year.

The online MMA community was divided on whether Israel Adesanya took it too far by mentioning Jon Jones' mother, who is deceased. But 'The Last Stylebender' has stood by his words several times ever since, saying that Jones should not expect a fair fight when he was the one to take things too far first.

Israel Adesanya addresses Jon Jones feud

Israel Adesanya recently spoke to Submission Radio and opened up about his ongoing heated rivalry with Jon Jones.

Kacper Rosolowski asked Adesanya if he was more than comfortable to go beyond certain lines with Jon Jones that even Bones' biggest rival till date, Daniel Cormier, did not cross.

Israel Adesanya said that it was Jon Jones who started all the bad blood when he spoke about him on TMZ. The UFC Middleweight Champion claimed that he is more than willing to meet Jones head-on.

"Trust me, he doesn't want a war with me."

This is not the first time Jon Jones has targeted a rival's parents. Israel Adesanya recollected the time Jones said "Who's your daddy?" to Daniel Cormier during their heated feud. The statement was obviously not taken well either by Cormier or by the fans, since DC's father was murdered when he was a kid.

Cormier never retaliated in the same manner, but Israel Adesanya warned Jon Jones to not expect the same from him.

"I'm not the one to war with. I understand this game of war. I know strategy and in a way that not many people do, especially online. I am a f***ing troll. I can troll these motherf*****s. I am not a troll in a sense that I'll hide behind a keyboard. I'll come see you, and he knows that already."
"There's certain lines he already crossed when he brought my dad up, and I was like 'Right.' And I mentioned his mom, and they were like 'How could you mention his dead mother!' Look, I don't wait till my parents are dead before I put them on the pedestal. I don't wait till they're gone. I put them on the pedestal now so you don't ever f***ing put my parents' names or anything about them in your lips, in your life."

Dana White recently confirmed that Israel Adesanya will be moving up to Light Heavyweight to fight the Champion Jan Blachowicz.

Adesanya fighting at 205 pounsd means it might not be long before we can see a showdown between him and the former Light Heavyweight Champion in what would be "the biggest fight in UFC history" in Adesanya's own words.

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