"He put a red coating on me" - Pat McAfee says Ariel Helwani used 'excuse' of being colorblind after making him look extremely red in their interview

Ariel Helwani (left) and Pat McAfee (right) [Image credits: @patmcafeeshow and @arielhelwani on Instagram]
Ariel Helwani (left) and Pat McAfee (right) [Image credits: @patmcafeeshow and @arielhelwani on Instagram]
Anil Sharma

Pat McAfee recently made an appearance on Ariel Helwani's show. McAfee talked about various things, including his childhood dreams, his run-ins with the law and his success in the world of professional wrestling.

You can watch the full chat below:

After the interview aired on YouTube, McAfee expressed his displeasure at how he was shown in the video. He said that he looked extremely red in his interview with Ariel Helwani.

'They put the video up this morning of the Helwani show and they literally made me appear to be like I had just returned from a trip to the sun. He put a red coating on me. Kool-aid Man, Heinz Ketchup, you're talking everything red right over top of my entire body. Not just my face, my arms, the entire thing... I'm naturally red, you don't need to make me more red... I talked to Ariel this morning, he told me he's colorblind. That is actually what he told me... What an excuse! That is literally the excuse of all excuses there to get out of that whole thing. I mean, it's just one of those situations."

You can watch Pat McAfee's reaction on his own show below:

Ariel Helwani fired back at Brendan Schaub after the former UFC fighter took a dig at MMA journalists

Brendan's message to the MMA media

Former UFC heavyweight and friend of Joe Rogan Brendan Schaub recently criticized MMA journalists, calling them untalented.

Ariel Helwani responded to Schaub's comments, telling him not to pass remarks on other people's jobs.

"You sit there and you talk about how MMA media are a bunch of losers, who never walked into the fire, who are just weathermen, who have no talent. First of all, let me explain something to all the fighters, all the managers, all the promoters... these are the men and women who have devoted their lives in some way, shape or form covering you... Don't talk about other people's job."

Catch Ariel Helwani's response to Schaub on The MMA Hour below:

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