UFC star reveals that Jake Paul and Logan Paul are the only boxers he watches

Jake Paul (Left) and Logan Paul (Right)
Jake Paul (Left) and Logan Paul (Right)

Sean O'Malley is all praise for his friends and fellow social media influencers, Jake Paul and Logan Paul. O'Malley, who's a fearsome MMA striker and the current No. 1-ranked UFC bantamweight, recently expressed his respect for the Paul brothers' fighting prowess.

During an appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience (JRE)podcast, Sean O'Malley spoke to host and UFC commentator Joe Rogan regarding the Paul brothers' foray into boxing.

The 27-year-old Logan Paul holds a professional boxing record of 0-1 and hasn't won any white-collar/exhibition/pro fights as of yet. Besides, 'The Maverick' has lately been pursuing professional wrestling glory in the WWE rather than competing in the boxing ring.

However, the 25-year-old Jake Paul boasts a professional boxing record of 6-0. 'The Problem Child' has beaten MMA greats such as Ben Askren, Tyron Woodley, and Anderson Silva inside the squared circle.

During his JRE appearance, Sean O'Malley harked back to the much-discussed Logan Paul-Floyd Mayweather exhibition boxing match, one in which Paul was thoroughly out-worked. As reported by The Mirror, 'Sugar' stated:

"I watched the one with Logan... I bet Logan was in there like 'what the f***, I didn't realize this motherf***er was that big. He's such a big guy and athletic - that one I was sitting on the edge of my seat."

Indicating that the Paul brothers are the only boxers he watches, O'Malley added:

"I like Jake's fights, too, I'll watch those, but that's probably the only boxing I watch, Logan or Jake's fighting - I was front row for [Jake's fight with Anderson Silva]. It was f***ing entertaining, too, great boxing match - I'm so curious what's next for Jake Paul, and I'm glad they're doing it."

Watch the podcast episode below:

Former UFC star Mike Perry on a potential fight against Jake Paul

Jake Paul is fresh off an impressive victory over MMA legend Anderson Silva, having bested him via unanimous decision in October. The younger Paul brother has been linked to possible boxing bouts against former UFC star Nate Diaz, boxing prospect Tommy Fury, and former kickboxing champion Andrew Tate next.

Presently, it's unclear as to who Paul's next opponent will be. That said, former UFC welterweight Mike Perry has been relentlessly lobbying for a boxing matchup against the cruiserweight pugilist.

In a recent edition of The Food Truck Diaries, Perry compared himself to boxing icon Mike Tyson and emphasized that he's capable of beating Jake Paul. The bare-knuckle boxer stated:

"The way I fight, I'm kind of like Mike Tyson. I go for it, I go in, I slip-off, I slip and rip. I try to hit you with devastating shots in devastating areas."

Watch Perry's assessment below:


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