UFC Vegas 11 - Mackenzie Dern makes a statement with an emphatic win over Randa Markos

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UFC Fight Night Covington v Woodley: Weigh-Ins

Round 1: Mackenzie Dern and Randa Markos started with a solid exchange and Mackenzie Dern missed a kick, slipping down. Randa Markos went down to attack and Mackenzie Dern immediately began her jiu-jitsu work. Markos attempted various methods to avoid the armbar, but Dern continuously tried to manipulate her position to get the submission.

It was an active position movement for Mackenzie Dern through the next couple of minutes and towards the end of the round, she elbowed Markos' head, attacked her body, and relentlessly went at her and eventually ended up getting the armbar submission.

Result: Mackenzie Dern def. Randa Markos

Mackenzie Dern didn't understand why Randa Markos went to her on the ground without any real takedown attempt required. Mackenzie Dern said that she was trying various submissions and positions that hadn't been seen in women's MMA before.

When asked about whether there was any name she wanted to fight next, Mackenzie Dern stated that she will fight whoever the UFC feels is a suitable opponent for her. She also stated that she wanted to get back in the Octagon by November or December.

What's next for Mackenzie Dern?

Mackenzie Dern will undoubtedly climb up the UFC rankings after her second win in a row. While we can't be sure if Angela Hill will return in 2020 as she's already fought thrice, the recent UFC headliner would be a huge step-up in competition for Brazilian-American jiu-jitsu specialist.

It's going to be interesting to see what's next for Mackenzie Dern. Given how quickly she finished the fight, added to the fact that she took little to no damage, the end of the year looks like the perfect time for her to get a new opponent. December could be a realistic time for a potential Angela Hill fight.

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