UFC veteran says Brian Atlas, host of Whatever podcast, "freaks out" upon discussion of Israel and Mossad: "He's just too afraid"

UFC veteran claims Brian Atlas (center) is afraid to talk about Israel [Image courtesy of @bd_atlas on Instagram]
UFC veteran claims Brian Atlas (center) is afraid to talk about Israel [Image courtesy of @bd_atlas on Instagram]

UFC veteran Jake Shields has claimed Brian Atlas, the host of the Whatever podcast, is too afraid to discuss the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine. After calling time on his career in 2018, Shields opted to switch to coaching and is still spotted regularly on UFC programming as a cornerman for a host of fighters.

He has also become known for being a conspiracy theorist, especially on his social media.

The 45-year-old often weighs in on mainstream issues around the world, including the Israeli-Palestine conflict. Shields even found himself in hot water after an Israeli MMA star called him out for defending the people of Gaza.

Recently, Jake Shields opted to point out what he believes is a major concern, after Brian Atlas shut down talks about Israel on his Whatever podcast. During the clip, Atlas can be heard calling telling his guest to "stop" after they compare the US and the CIA to Israel and Mossad. Atlas said:

"Ah stop! No. No. No. Can't say that."

Shields shared the clip on X and responded by captioning the post:

"He freaks out as soon as she mentions Israel and Mossad. He clearly knows who controls him he's just too afraid to say it."

Check out the clip and the tweet here:

When former UFC fighter Jake Shields called for women to stop having plastic surgery

Former UFC star Jake Shields is no stranger to offering his take on a subject, regardless of whether or not it's controversial. Earlier this year that was also the case when he addressed what he believes is a major issue women around the world are facing.

Podcast Royce Lopez first started the conversation on social media back in January after he shared two pictures of The Boys star Erin Moriarty. One picture was believed to be before plastic surgery and the second is alleged to be post-surgery.

The post then caught the attention of the former UFC fighter, who agreed with Lopez' assessment. According to Shields, Moriarty, like many women, looked better before her alleged surgery. He wrote back:

"She's clearly better looking before getting any work done and this is generally the case. Girls need to stop messing with their faces."

Check out Shield's post here:

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