Viral video captures Andrew Tate's daughter's special bond with uncle Tristan Tate

Andrew Tate, and Andrew Tate
Andrew Tate, and Andrew Tate's daughter with Tristan Tate [Photo credit: @morpheusadvice and @QuantumTate - Twitter]

Andrew Tate has made many headlines, but recently it was his daughter who went viral in a touching video that showcased her special bond with her uncle Tristan Tate.

In a video uploaded to Cobra Scholarism's Facebook page, the influencer was workout out when his daughter approached him and hit him with her toy robot. When he asked her why she hit him with the toy robot, she responded by saying it was her uncle Tristan's idea.

She said:

"I got robot...Tristan [said I could hit you with the robot]...No [I don't want to get Tristan]."

The influencer then told his daughter to return the favor and hit her uncle with the robot like she did to him. To his surprise, she refused and then proceeded to run off, saying:

"You'll hit daddy but you won't hit Tristan. Why?...[I didn't want to, said his daughter] He's your favorite then."

Tate was caught by surprise, but it goes to show that his daughter has a special bond with her uncle.

Andrew Tate offers advice to dealing with emotions

Andrew Tate has created a massive platform and has many followers that find inspiration in the advice he shares.

In a video uploaded to Twitter by @morpheusadvice, the influencer shared ways that men deal with their emotions. He mentioned that he believes that wanting to feel proud is a great mindset to have rather than wanting to feel happy or sad all the time, saying:

"I don't wake and think how do I feel happy. I don't wake up and say, 'Will this drug make me happy?' I have no interest in being happy. I wake up and say, 'How can I be proud of myself? What can I achieve today? What can I achieve that makes me proud of myself? How can I do things that make other people respect me and are proud of me?"

The influencer's advice has been polarizing at times, but it appears as though his views on how men should approach their day in terms of what they feel might generate a more positive response. Perhaps that way of thinking is why Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk are willing to fight each other in the UFC.

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