Watch: Bruce Buffer reveals how he picks out his wardrobe

UFC announcer Bruce Buffer [Image courtesy of @brucebufferufc]
UFC announcer Bruce Buffer [Image courtesy of @brucebufferufc]
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UFC announcer Bruce Buffer recently shared how he picks out his wardrobe ahead of a UFC event.

Buffer is known for wearing fancy suits in every UFC pay-per-view event. The veteran ring announcer never fails to captivate fans' attention through his attire. So, one might wonder where he gets his diverse collection of suits from. The 65-year-old revealed the answer to UFC commentator Brendan Fitzgerald in a recent chat:

"You know, I work with my tailors, King and Bay out of Toronto, Canada. They're absolutely amazing. So, we have meetings. We go over different designs. But, sometimes they surprise me. They search for the most amazing Jacquard silk they can find and usually they can only find enough to make one jacket. Depending on where we're at, it could be a country of colors, it could be this, it could be green for Ireland, but, we try to bring it every time we can."

Watch Bruce Buffer talk about his wardrobe:


King and Bay Custom Clothing in Toronto, Canada, is Buffer's go-to destination to pick his flashy yet classy outfits.

Buffer has been in partnership with the Canadian company since UFC 200. Aashif Jamani, director of sales for King and Bay, told InsideHook about their relationship with the popular UFC announcer:

"We started with Bruce five years ago at UFC 200 in Vegas, and that was actually a very signature event, because in July in Vegas, it’s always one of their top bouts, they always have big cards. We actually did two jackets for Bruce for that fight, where for the main event, he actually did a jacket change, which had never been done before."

Bruce Buffer once tore his ACL inside the octagon

Buffer was on his usual introductory duties for UFC 129 in 2011. Georges St-Pierre fought Jake Shields in the main event of the pay-per-view at Rogers Center, Ontario.

While doing his animated introductions, Buffer accidentally blew his knee and was left with a torn ACL. However, the veteran stayed true to his job despite the pain and managed to finish the introductions.

Watch Buffer introduce Georges St-Pierre and Jake Shields:


The 65-year-old has been the voice of the UFC for a long time. While there are other capable announcers like Joe Martinez and more, it's hard to imagine a pay-per-view without Bruce Buffer.

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