WATCH: Cleber Sousa tries cartwheel pass in submission grappling world title match against Mikey Musumeci

Cleber Sousa attempted a couple of cartwheel passes in his bout with Mikey Musumeci at ONE on Prime Vide 2. (Image courtesy of ONE)
Cleber Sousa attempted a couple of cartwheel passes in his bout with Mikey Musumeci at ONE on Prime Vide 2. (Image courtesy of ONE)

Cleber Sousa made his ONE Championship debut in a bid to win the inaugural ONE flyweight submission grappling world title. His opponent, rival Mikey Musumeci, pulled off the win by constantly putting Sousa on the defensive the whole fight.

This doesn't mean, however, that 'Clandestino' wasn't able to attempt some of his awe-inspiring moves against Musumeci. One such move was his amazing cartwheel pass.

Cleber Sousa's cool-looking pass is one of the flashiest yet also deceptively effective passes in jiujitsu. But first, for the uninitiated, a "pass" is a move done by a grappler that involves him trying to get from one position to another. Ideally, it's to "pass" from a not-so-good position to a better one.

For example, when Cleber Sousa was trying to get rid of Musumeci's legs and move to side control - that's called a "pass".

Now, the cartwheel pass is exactly as it sounds - using a cartwheel maneuver to pass to side control. If someone is athletic and fast enough, this type of pass can be really effective - not to mention flashy. It will definitely get you some oooh's and ahhh's from the crowd. Athletes like MMA legend Kazushi Sakuraba and ADCC medalist Nicky Rodriguez are quite adept with this maneuver.

Here's a short instructional video on how to do it:


Mikey Musumeci beat Cleber Sousa to become ONE Championship's first-ever submission grappling world champion

BJJ star Mikey Musumeci added more gold to his growing jiujitsu thropy case as he was crowned the first-ever ONE flyweight submission grappling world champion.

On Friday, ‘Darth Rigatoni’ fought his rival Cleber Sousa in a scintillating grappliing battle that saw him win a unanimous decision. The fight, which was the the co-main event of ONE on Prime Video 2: Xiong vs Lee III. was broadcast in US prime time.

Musumeci instantly went on the offensive, pulling guard and attacking with various leglock submissions. The wily Sousa was wise in every attack, deflecting and defending like the world-class grappler that he is. Musumeci's attacks, however, just kept coming and 'Clandestino' never had a real chance to go on the offensive.

As per ONE Championship rules, if the bout ends with no submission scored, the fighter with the most legitimate submission attempts wins. With that, Musumeci beat Sousa by a landslide. The cartwheel passes never worked that night.

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