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Watch: Derek Brunson embraces Kevin Holland insult proudly with funny '2 Checks Bumson' skit

Derek Brunson (left); Kevin Holland (right)
Derek Brunson (left); Kevin Holland (right)
Johny Payne
Modified 25 Mar 2021

In the aftermath of their UFC Vegas 22 fight, Derek Brunson has proudly embraced an insult that was directed towards him by Kevin Holland. Brunson has once again jibed at Holland, whilst simultaneously engaging in self-deprecating humor, with a funny ‘2 Checks Bumson’ skit.

In the lead-up to their five-round middleweight matchup, which served as the headliner of the UFC Vegas 22 fight card on March 20th, 2021, Kevin Holland directed a barrage of verbal jabs at Derek Brunson.

One of the most notable jabs in this verbal attack by Holland was referring to ‘Brunson’ as ‘Bumson’. Kevin Holland’s trash-talking offensive wasn’t limited just to the lead-up to their fight, and in fact, continued even during their actual fight inside the octagon.

Regardless, Derek Brunson managed to execute a grappling-heavy game plan against striking sensation Kevin Holland. Brunson out-grappled and outpointed Holland over the course of five hard-fought rounds, winning via unanimous decision.

In the aftermath of the fight, Derek Brunson has put forth a few social media posts wherein he appears to be taking a dig at Kevin Holland. Brunson notably refrained from playing too much into Holland’s trash-talking and mental warfare strategy in the buildup to their fight.

But Brunson seems to have turned the tables now, as he’s gone on the offensive with multiple Twitter and Instagram posts wherein he’s jesting about Holland losing to him.

On that note, the hilarious 2 Checks Bumson video that Derek Brunson has tweeted out refers to the fact that he received both his show money and win money at UFC Vegas 22.

Kevin Holland, on the other hand, didn’t receive his win money and resultantly went home with just one paycheck.


Derek Brunson’s hilarious 2 Checks Bumson skit

Derek Brunson defeated Kevin Holland at UFC Vegas 22
Derek Brunson defeated Kevin Holland at UFC Vegas 22

Many in the social media realm have expressed their appreciation for Derek Brunson’s sense of humor after the video. The 2 Checks Bumson video starts off with a woman, presumably someone related to Derek Brunson, answering the door for Brunson’s friend.

The woman informs the friend that Brunson has been behaving oddly as of late, and she requests him to help by having a conversation with the latter.

The friend walks in to meet Derek Brunson, who’s enjoying music. Brunson is then seen pouring stacks of cash into his cereal bowl and pretending as though he’s about to eat them.

The friend then urges Brunson to step out of the house. But as they make their way to the door, Brunson stops his friend and tells him to take off his footwear, as Brunson’s doormat is covered with money.


The video ends as the friend apologizes for not taking off his footwear, and a ‘money’-themed song starts playing in the background, alluding to how much money he earned by beating Kevin Holland.

Presently, the belief is that Derek Brunson could be matched up against a fellow top five-ranked opponent for his next fight inside the octagon.

Published 25 Mar 2021, 08:35 IST
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