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Watch: Dustin Poirier makes World's Strongest Man winner Brian Shaw tap out to a chokehold

Brian Shaw (left); Dustin Poirier (right)
Brian Shaw (left); Dustin Poirier (right)
Johny Payne
Modified 04 Apr 2021

Dustin Poirier has tweeted out a couple of videos of his grappling session with multiple-time World’s Strongest Man competition winner Brian Shaw. The videos have been making the rounds on social media, showing Poirier grapple the much larger Shaw.

Poirier initially made Shaw tap out to a chokehold. The Diamond then got his back taken by Shaw and flattened out later on.

Former interim UFC lightweight champion Dustin Poirier was recently a guest on the Shaw Strength podcast hosted by professional strongman competitor Brian Shaw. Poirier and Shaw addressed several intriguing topics during the interview, besides also engaging in a grappling session.

A video on social media showing Dustin Poirier tapping out Brian Shaw set many in the combat sports and fitness communities abuzz. Certain fans pointed out that this once again proves how size doesn’t matter on the mat.

Nevertheless, Poirier responded to a fan’s tweet and revealed that Shaw did in fact get the better of him in one of their grappling scrambles. Fans can watch the videos in the tweets that have been embedded below:

The first video in which Dustin Poirier emerged as the victor in the grappling scramble witnessed Poirier lock in a standing rear-naked choke on Brian Shaw. The size difference between them was quite evident, yet Poirier was able to secure the tap from Shaw.

On the other hand, the second video showed Shaw controlling Poirier from the top position, take Poirier’s back, and flatten the latter out.

The consensus is that the grappling exchanges were a part of a lighthearted training session, and neither athlete went too hard in an effort to submit the other. Either way, the sheer size difference between them did pique the interest of fitness enthusiasts and fight fans worldwide, with many speculating how a real fight between them would play out.


Brian Shaw is 6’8” tall and weighs around 400 pounds, whereas Dustin Poirier is 5’9” and purportedly weighs less than 200 pounds even when he’s not in fight camp. Poirier regularly cuts weight to make the 155-pound lightweight limit, having competed in the lightweight division for the past several years. Poirier previously competed at featherweight (145 pounds) as well.

Dustin Poirier is set to compete in a high-stakes trilogy fight against Conor McGregor

Dustin Poirier (left); Conor McGregor (right)
Dustin Poirier (left); Conor McGregor (right)

Dustin Poirier has been the talk of the town since his second-round TKO win over Conor McGregor in their rematch at UFC 257 (January 2021). McGregor had scored a first-round TKO win over Poirier in their first fight at UFC 178 (September 2014).

Their rematch was one of the highest-grossing MMA events of all time. And needless to say, the trilogy matchup too is expected to be a monumental success from a business perspective. Dustin Poirier will face Conor McGregor in their trilogy fight at UFC 264 on July 10th, 2021.

Published 04 Apr 2021, 10:24 IST
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