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Watch: Ike Villanueva times a shot perfectly to KO Vinicius Moreira in UFC Fight Island 8 bout

UFC Fight Night Chiesa v Magny: Weigh-Ins
UFC Fight Night Chiesa v Magny: Weigh-Ins
Modified 21 Jan 2021

The fourth fight of the night at the main card of UFC Fight Island 8 felt more like an eliminatory bout between Vinicius Moreira and Ike Villanueva than anything else. After all, the two light heavyweight contenders failed to win at the UFC coming into this fight.

If so, Ike Villanueva managed to prove to the UFC that he deserves one more chance after adding his first victory against Moreira tonight.

Round 1: A cold start to the fight saw Ike Villanueva taking control of the octagon's center. However, Vinicius Moreira's high guard prevented Ike Villanueva from producing any significant attack. Vinicius Moreira continued to weaken Ike Villanueva's left leg by continually hitting it with low kicks.

In the fourth minute of the fight, the action started to heat up. After a right-hand punch connected from Ike Villanueva, Vinicius Moreira decided to stop defending so much and proceed to attack. But all the throwing did not establish precise control for either party.

Round 2: This is the first time Vinicius Moreira manages to get to the second round in his UFC career. Like the first round, Ike Villanueva tried to dominate the cage's center, throwing punches to take Moreira to the fence. In Moreira's first movement, trying to regain some control in the fight by attempting a kick-punch, Ike Villanueva counter-attacked with a robust right-hand hook, sending the unconscious Brazilian to the canvas.

Result: Ike Villanueva defeated Vinicius Moreira by KO in the second round.

What's next to Ike Villanueva?

Ike Villanueva entered the UFC with a solid record of 17 wins and nine losses. But in his only two fights leading to tonight's event, Ike Villanueva failed to impress, losing both bouts. The light-heavyweight contender hopes that the victory over Vinicius Moreira at tonight's UFC Fight Island 8 will get him back on track for his promotional aspirations..

Published 21 Jan 2021, 01:01 IST
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