Watch: Joe Rogan left speechless by Marc Andreessen talking about future possibilities in media and technology 

Joe Rogan (left) Marc Andreessen (right) [Image via PowerfulJRE on YouTube]
Joe Rogan (left) Marc Andreessen (right) [Image via PowerfulJRE on YouTube]

Joe Rogan was speechless after his latest JRE guest Marc Andreessen explained to the podcast host about possible future advancements in media and technology. Andreessen was featured on episode No.1840 of the podcast.

During the interview, Andreessen told Rogan that according to Metcalfe's law, as more people use any network, the network itself becomes more powerful for all the users on it.

The American software engineer said:

"So quite literally every additional person you add to the network doubles the potential value of the network to everybody who is on the network. And so every time you plug in a new user, every time plug in a new app... The whole network gets more powerful for everyone who's on it and the resources at people's fingertips gets bigger and bigger. This thing is giving people real profound superpowers in every real way."

Watch the clip below:

Marc Andreessen further explained that as legacy media like print and broadcast television get absorbed entirely into their online counterparts, the power of the internet will be more pronounced.

Listen to the full JRE podcast episode with Marc Andreessen below:

Joe Rogan and Marc Andreessen on whether Google AI is sentient

During the episode, Joe Rogan quizzed his guest Marc Andreessen on whether rumors about Google's AI being sentient were true.

The software engineer responded to Rogan by saying that the AI was, in fact, not alive but was merely simulating human-like behavior based on the data it had gathered from numerous human interactions on the internet:

"The training data that they [Google] are using for these systems [AIs'] are all text on the internet... And all text on the internet is increasingly is a record of all of human communication... And the AI basically uses that as a training set... and the AI kind of gets a converged view of like, okay this is human language."

Andreessen further added:

"Everybody that's working on code will tell you, its not alive, its not conscious... What it's doing is it's playing back to you things that it thinks you want to hear."

Watch Joe Rogan and Marc Andreessen discuss Google AI below:


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