WATCH: John Lineker shows off hand speed ahead of Fabricio Andrade rematch

John Lineker | Image courtesy of ONE
John Lineker | Image courtesy of ONE

Former ONE bantamweight world champion John Lineker is the proud owner of the monicker 'Hands of Stone' because of the knockout power in his fists. Now, he might be adding 'Hands of Lightning' to his lexicon of nicknames as well.

In a recent video posted on his Instagram account, we saw Lineker practice his hand speed on the focus mitts:

"GOD is my strength !!"

Adding hand speed with knockout power surely creates a recipe for disaster for anyone unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end of it. It's no secret that John Lineker's best weapons are his hands. Seeing him add more attributes to his best weapons is like seeing someone add upgrades and enhancements to an already powerful rifle.

It's not surprising that Lineker will rely more on his hands in his rematch with rival Fabricio Andrade come ONE Fight Night 7. His hands have yielded great results for him in his career, and with a few more enhancements, he might be able to use them to achieve victory on February 25.

After controversial first fight, John Lineker will meet Fabricio Andrade in a rematch at ONE Fight Night 7

After their highly controversial first encounter at ONE on Prime Video 3 last year, John Lineker and Fabricio Andrade will finally get to settle the score in an immediate rematch for the belt at ONE Fight Night 7.

The level of trash talk between 'Hands of Stone' and 'Wonder Boy' in the lead-up to their first bout had a lot of fans anticipating. Imagine everyone's disappointment when Lineker missed weight and was stripped of his world title a day before their highly-anticipated fight.

The fight, which had fireworks from start to finish, ended in more disappointment when Andrade landed an errant groin strike. After arguably beating Lineker and picking him apart for most of the fight, Andrade landed his patented knee to the body that clearly hurt his foe. Lineker immediately when on a retreat while 'Wonder Boy' went for the kill.

After seeing how much Lineker was hurt by his knee strike, Andrade attempted it again but then landed below the belt. 'Hands of Stone' dropped to the floor in agony as the referee gave him a mandatory 5 minutes to recover. In a shocking turn of events, John Lineker declared that he couldn't continue, and the bout was ruled a no-contest.

Look to see both rivals put a definitive end to their rivalry by putting away the other and taking the world title by force.

Watch the full first fight here:


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