3 biggest takeaways in the ONE on Prime Video 3 aftermath

Fabricio Andrade (left) and Kade Ruotolo (right) headline the three biggest takeaways from ONE on Prime Video 3. [Photos ONE Championship]
Fabricio Andrade (left) and Kade Ruotolo (right) headline the three biggest takeaways from ONE on Prime Video 3. [Photos ONE Championship]

It may have had an anticlimactic ending, but ONE on Prime Video 3 certainly delivered on the hype that it promised.

The end to Fabricio Andrade’s barnburner against John Lineker for the ONE bantamweight world title was unfortunate, to say the least, but the rest of the card was a showcase of the highest level of martial arts.

Regian Eersel beat Sinsamut Klinmee in their striking chess match for the inaugural ONE lightweight Muay Thai world title. Meanwhile, Kade Ruotolo submitted sambo superstar Uali Kurzhev to claim the ONE lightweight submission grappling world title.

Though it ended in a no contest, Andrade’s mauling of Lineker cannot be overlooked. ‘Wonder Boy’ put his words into action, and he did what he said he would do to his rival in what could’ve been the most dominant display in a world title fight.

Both the lead and main cards of ONE on Prime Video 3 produced fireworks, but three certainly had the loudest bursts.

That said, here are the biggest takeaways from ONE on Prime Video 3.

#3. Shamil Gasanov is legit

Mixed martial arts grapplers usually get the undeserved label of being boring during fights, but Shamil Gasanov is anything but.

The Russian submission machine made his ONE Championship debut at ONE on Prime Video 3 against South Korean star Kim Jae Woong.

Kim went into the match as the No.2-ranked featherweight contender, but none of that mattered to Gasanov, who readily imposed his will mere minutes into the fight.

Gasanov had tremendous mobility on the feet and he used that darting movement of his to shoot for a powerful takedown that controlled Kim. Although Kim managed to get back up on his feet, Gasanov needed just a bit of adjustment before slamming ‘The Fighting God’ down to the canvas.

After securing Kim’s back, Gasanov proceeded to slap in a nasty rear-naked choke to take the first-round submission win. The ONE Championship newcomer could very well take Kim’s spot in the featherweight rankings, or at least break into the top five.

Gasanov, though, wasn’t content with what he did to Kim at ONE on Prime Video 3. During his post-fight interview with Mitch Chilson, ‘The Cobra’ called out fellow submission expert Garry Tonon for a match that could pit two of the most innovative grapplers in the division against each other. Tonon seems down, so this fight could be next.

#2. No one’s going to beat Kade Ruotolo

If Kade Ruotolo isn't the best submission grappler right now in ONE, then I don’t know who is.

Ruotolo once again proved his generational talent when he became the inaugural ONE lightweight submission grappling world champion at ONE on Prime Video 3. Ruotolo’s victory was also monumental because he fought Uali Kurzhev, a four-time sambo world champion.

Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Ruotolo’s discipline, and sambo have been in an ongoing feud. The 19-year-old’s win was considered a major victory for BJJ overall.

Their ONE on Prime Video 3 match itself was a masterclass, with Ruotolo weathering Kurzhev’s aggressive wrestling and implementing his creativity on the mats. Once Ruotolo got Kurzhev in his control, he had no problems transitioning and slapping in a tight heel hook for the submission win.

At this point, it’s hard to find anyone beating Ruotolo. The grappling superstar, however, is already looking for potential opponents in Tainan Dalpra and Tommy Langaker.

Dalpra is yet to make his ONE Championship debut, but Langaker has already showcased his talents in the promotion. The Norwegian star had a successful debut when he took a unanimous decision win over Renato Canuto at ONE 160 this past August.

Ruotolo, who’s also the 77-kilogram world champion in the ADCC, is also keen on moving to MMA. Despite having no professional experience in the sport, the young grappler challenged Japanese legend Shinya Aoki for his potential MMA debut.

#1. Fabricio Andrade is world champion caliber

His world title quest at ONE on Prime Video 3 may have ended unceremoniously, but Fabricio Andrade more than proved that he deserves a spot in the pantheon of world champions.

Andrade was thoroughly beating up John Lineker in the main event of ONE on Prime Video 3 before an accidental knee strike caused a no-contest finish.

‘Wonder Boy’ was both creative and lethal during his match against Lineker, tagging ‘Hands of Stone’ with unholy punishment from all angles. Lineker did manage to get some shots in, but the night truly belonged to Andrade, who was a couple of significant strikes away from becoming the new ONE bantamweight world champion.

Lineker looked like a shell of his former self and it’s obvious that he needs time to recover, a span that he should make the best out of since a rematch is almost inevitable. Their second dance may not be immediate, but a definitive end to this Brazilian rivalry should happen.

If that rematch doesn’t happen, then Andrade has options. Former world champion Bibiano Fernandes will take on No.4-ranked contender Stephen Loman at ONE on Prime Video 4. The winner of that match could face Andrade in a bout for an interim strap should Lineker not be ready to compete.

Whoever comes out of that fight, both matchups already have pre-existing storylines since a fight between Andrade and Fernandes features an inter-generational clash between two Brazilian knockout artists. Andrade called Fernandes ‘old’ and insisted he was washed up just a few months ago.

There’s also the brewing rivalry between Andrade and Loman, with Loman being someone whom Andrade thinks would be a good fight for him. Andrade has said several times that if he grabs hold of the ONE bantamweight world title, the first man who should challenge him is Loman.

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