WATCH: UFC 287 fighter comes back from jaws of death to KO opponent a round later

UFC featherweight Steve Garcia at UFC 287
UFC featherweight Steve Garcia at UFC 287 [Image Courtesy: @ufc on Instagram]

Steve Garcia demonstrated his remarkable fortitude and resilience during his triumphant victory over Shayilan Nuerdanbieke at UFC 287. Despite enduring a brutal assault from Nuerdanbieke, Garcia refused to yield and summoned the inner strength necessary to turn the fight in his favor.

Following a devastating blow from his opponent, 'Mean Machine' found himself in dire straits, yet he remained undaunted. His unrelenting spirit and sheer grit propelled him forward, enabling him to mount a stunning comeback and secure a knockout victory in the second round.

At Kaseya Center, the featherweight battle between Nuerdanbieke and Garcia commenced with a flurry of powerful strikes from Nuerdanbieke, leaving Garcia staggering and cornered. However, Steve Garcia's indomitable spirit prevented him from succumbing to defeat, even in the face of such a daunting challenge.

Garcia responded to Nuerdanbieke's onslaught with a barrage of his own punches, causing 'Wolverine' to stumble and falter. With unrelenting tenacity, Garcia capitalized on Nuerdanbieke's weakened state and delivered a devastating kick and punch to his opponent's body, resulting in Nuerdanbieke collapsing on the mat just 36 seconds into the second round of the UFC 287 prelim.

Chase Sherman vs. Karl Williams was officially scrapped from UFC 287

Unfortunately, the highly anticipated heavyweight bout between Karl Williams and Chase Sherman will not be taking place at UFC 287, much to the dismay of fight fans. During an early preliminary broadcast at the Kaseya Center in Miami, it was announced that Sherman had been compelled to withdraw from the contest due to a medical condition.

Regrettably, due to Sherman's unexpected illness, there was insufficient time to locate a suitable replacement, resulting in the bout being canceled entirely. The promotion made the unfortunate announcement that the eagerly anticipated heavyweight clash between Williams and Sherman at had been called off due to this unforeseen medical emergency.

Chase Sherman had high hopes of starting his 2023 fight campaign on a positive note after a disappointing record of 1-3 the previous year. Unfortunately, his aspirations were cut short due to unforeseen circumstances that resulted in the cancelation of his scheduled fight.

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