Watch: When Dana White spoke for Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention

Dana White(Left), Donald Trump(Right), (Image credit: YouTube, Instagram:realdonaldtrump)
Dana White(Left), Donald Trump(Right) [Image credit: YouTube, Instagram:realdonaldtrump]

UFC President Dana White once spoke in favor of former US President Donald Trump. Having witnessed a lot of combat sporting events himself, Trump is revered by many in the sport of mixed martial arts.

A longtime supporter of Donald Trump, White spoke at the Republican National Convention in 2020. During his speech, the UFC president was very appreciative of the work Trump has done for the country.

He mentioned how Donald Trump created the greatest economy in the nation's history along with many opportunities for its citizens:

"I believe we need President Trump’s leadership now more than ever. Before the pandemic, President Trump built the greatest economy in our nation’s history and created opportunities for all Americans like no one before him. Financial markets hit all-time highs, unemployment was at an all-time low, and we weren’t facing the lawless destruction that now is occurring in a few of our great cities."

Check out what Dana White said below:


Furthermore, Dana White spoke about the multiple good deeds done by Donald Trump during his time as US President. He mentioned how health and safety were a priority for the former president and also how he helped sports leagues.

Over the years, Dana White and Donald Trump have shared a great bond with each other. While the UFC president has been supportive of Trump, the former American president has made his presence felt at multiple UFC events.

Donald Trump heaped praise on UFC President Dana White

Before Dana White and the Fertitta brothers took control of the UFC in 2001, the company was going through a rough patch. Considered a barbaric sport, MMA wasn't sanctioned in multiple states in the United States.

However, this changed after White became the company's president. White worked tirelessly to make MMA a mainstream sport and get it sanctioned in different states.

With White's efforts, not only did MMA become the fastest growing spectator sport, but the UFC too became the leading promotion for mixed martial arts. While many fighters acknowledge the UFC president's efforts, former US President Donald Trump had his say too.

White recently appeared on Tucker Carlson's show. That's when the host told the UFC president that Trump had described him as the only essential person in American sports. Carlson said:

"I talked to Trump yesterday about you, and he described you as, 'The only essential person in all American sports. You could take people out of any sport and the sport would continue. If Dana White left UFC, there couldn't be UFC.'" [H/T Yahoo]

Over the years, White has contributed a lot towards the success of the UFC. It is due to his efforts that so many people today are able to watch UFC events around the globe.

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