Chris Daukaus predicts vicious knockout in Jon Jones vs. Francis Ngannou matchup

Francis Ngannou (left), Chris Daukaus (middle), Jon Jones (right)
Francis Ngannou (left), Chris Daukaus (middle), Jon Jones (right)

With rumors beginning to heat up regarding a potential heavyweight title clash between Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou, fellow UFC athlete Chris Daukaus has predicted a vicious knockout to take place in the matchup.

The 33-year-old will have a chance to get back into form when he faces the dangerous Jairzinho Rozenstruik at UFC 282 on December 10. Despite being a problem early into his UFC career, (going on a four-fight win streak to begin), Daukaus has endured tough back-to-back knockout losses.

While in a recent interview, the heavyweight spoke on the rumored Jon Jones vs. Francis Ngannou title matchup. Daukas stated his belief that 'The Predator' will find a way to expose his opponent's chin sometime throughout the bout.

"Jon has never been hit by a heavyweight as big as Francis. He's never been hit by a heavyweight, let alone a heavyweight as big as Francis, as big as the guy who literally flatlines everyone. Anyone in the world that Francis decides to punch in the face, they're going unconscious, and I don't think Jon Jones is any different than any other human being in this world... We're gonna see if Jon Jones is a heavyweight and we're gonna see if all the talk is real and this whole hype has been worth it... I think Francis is gonna run right through Jon."

Arguably the only true heavyweight Jones has fought in his career was Daniel Cormier, but 'DC' is known for his dominant grappling presence and not his knockout power. This is the complete opposite of Francis Ngannou.

Check out what Chris Daukaus had to say regarding the reported heavyweight title fight in the video below:


What has stalled Jon Jones' move up to heavyweight?

While he did insist that he wants to put on weight the right way to be 100% committed to his new weight class, Jon Jones has been out of the octagon for almost three years.

Initially, it was a pay disagreement that kept him out of action, as he and the UFC were at odds regarding how much the Hall-of-Famer should make to compete in a new division.

Jones was ready to return to action earlier this year. However, according to the former light heavyweight champion, it was Stipe Miocic who held up his return by not accepting the UFCs proposal.

I’m bringing all the heat @Stipemiocic, I got that fire you could never put out. Sign the contract #Ufc282

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