What is Bohemian Grove? Ryan Garcia’s explosive allegations ignite search for truth behind mysterious club’s alleged secrets

Bohemian Grove
Ryan Garcia’s (left and right) explosive allegations ignite search for mysterious club’s alleged secrets [Images via Instagram @KingRyan]

Conspiracy theories about Bohemian Grove have resurfaced following shocking accusations from professional boxer Ryan Garcia.

On April 20, Garcia looks to secure the biggest win of his boxing career against Devin Haney. Unfortunately, the highly-anticipated super lightweight matchup could be in jeopardy, as ‘King Ryan’ has concerned fans with various accusations.

In March, Garcia joined Andrew Tate for a live stream on X Spaces. During the short-lived conversation, the 25-year-old professional boxer referenced a conspiracy theory by saying:

“They took me to the f*cking woods and they tied me down. I’m not f*cking joking. I have f*cking proof."
"Bohemian Grove is real. They f*cking tied me down, and they made me f*cking watch … Yes, I f*cking lost it. They are r*ping little kids.”

Bohemian Grove is an inaccessible campground in Monte Rio, California. Various high-profile individuals allegedly meet at the venue every year to assemble the “Bohemiami Club.” Past members reportedly include Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Herbert Hoover, Clint Eastwood, and more.

The California campground has become a vocal point for conspiracy theorists. Although nothing has been proven true, there are rumors of the yearly meetings allegedly featuring human trafficking, sacrificing rituals, and conversations about how to control the world.

Watch Garcia discuss the campground below:

Ryan Garcia reiterates his stance on the Bohemian Grove with a social media post

Recently, Ryan Garcia took to X and criticized Bohemian Grove once again. He referenced former United States president Richard Nixon and wrote on X:

"Nixon spoke against the Bohemian Grove."

Garcia's post refers to an old audio clip where President Nixon allegedly stated a negative opinion about Bohemian Grove:

"Bohemian Grove, that I attend from time to time, the Easterners and others that come there, but it's the most f***y goddamned thing you can ever imagine. The San Francisco crowd that goes in there, it's just terrible."

Catch Nixon's alleged comments below:


The location, Bohemian Grove, is considered one of the most protected places on earth. The 2,700-acre campground is protected year-round with ex-military and highly-trained individuals guarding the various venues on-site. With that said, several conspiracy theorists and explorers have allegedly found their way past security to explore the area.

In 2000, Alex Jones secured footage of the “Cremation of Care,” which is allegedly the site for ritual sacrifices. It should be noted that nothing has been proven in a court of law, making the venue one of the most controversial conspiracy theories of all time.

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