What did Canelo Alvarez say about a potential Jake Paul fight?

Jake Paul (left) Canelo Alvarez (right)
Jake Paul (left) Canelo Alvarez (right)

Jake Paul once again called out the undisputed super-middleweight champion boxer Canelo Alvarez after triumphing over Anderson Silva in their boxing match on October 29.

In an interview last May, when the world champion boxer was asked about a potential fight with 'The Problem Child', Alvarez did not seem interested in the proposition.

The Mexican, however, explained that he might entertain such a match-up in two years if the social media celebrity makes adequate improvements to his boxing skillsets:

"The thing I'm thinking is why you guys [are] asking me for that fight. Jake Paul, please guys. Maybe in two years... we can talk... I hope he improves more and he do[es] a really good job... and improve[s] in boxing."

Check out Alvarez's response to a potential fight with Paul below:


The boxing phenom however, accepted that Jake Paul was doing a good job in bringing more eyeballs to the sweet science and is well within the right to dream of boxing greatness:

"Every thing [he is doing] is good for boxing. He brings more fans to boxing. everything is good... He is not crazy it's fine, dreaming of something. You need to put goals in your mind and dream."

With his win over Caleb Plant in November 2021, Canelo Alvarez became the first ever undisputed super-middleweight champion in the history of boxing. His pro record currently stands at 58-2-2.

The first ever Undisputed Super Middleweight Champion, Canelo Alvarez! ๐Ÿ‘‘

When Jake Paul proclaimed that he'll beat Canelo Alvarez in three years

Reacting to Canelo Alvarez's loss to Dmitry Bivol last May, YouTuber-turned-professional boxer Jake Paul detailed why he's confident he will defeat the undisputed super-middleweight champion in three years if they were to box.

In a video uploaded to his Twitter handle, 'The Problem Child' stated that Alvarez struggles against physically larger opponents as was evidenced by his loss to the Russian light-heavyweight:

"And just like that, Canelo Alvarez losses to Dmitry Bivol. An amazing fight by Bivol. I'm 2' inches bigger than Bivol, 20 pounds heavier. Give me three years, I'll take out Canelo in the same way. He is on the ropes like he won. He only won three rounds out of the whole entire fight... I'm beating Canelo in three f*****g years. Congrats, Dmitry Bivol, he showed that Canelo is easily beatable by a bigger man, which is what I've known this entire time."
Canelo Alvarez loses BADLY to Dmitry Bivol

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