What is going on with Ryan Garcia? Explaining recent 'Bohemian Grove' controversy surrounding the 25-year-old boxer

Ryan Garcia and Bohemian Grove controversy explained [Image via: Getty Images]
Ryan Garcia and Bohemian Grove controversy explained [Image via: Getty Images]

Ryan Garcia is set to face Devin Haney in a highly anticipated super lightweight title fight on April 20 in New York. Ahead of one of the biggest fights of his career, Garcia has used social media extensively to promote the fight and trash-talk his upcoming opponent.

However, he's also made some seriously controversial allegations about the 'Bohemian Grove' and its members kidnapping him.

In a series of posts on X followed by a conversation with Andrew Tate on X Spaces, Garcia alleged that he was abducted by members of the hyper-elusive club and was forced to watch underage pornography as part of a ritual. He also clarified that he wasn't on drugs or under the influence of any narcotics.

'KingRy' also claimed that he had evidence of everything he saw at Bohemian Grove and was willing to share it with the world. Given Garcia's popularity and the mysterious club's reputation, many began looking into the Grove's past and reading up on the legend surrounding it.

Per Marca, the Bohemian Grove was founded by a group of journalists at the San Francisco Examiner offices in 1872. The exclusive club is rumored to have around 2500 members, allegedly consisting of many of the world's most powerful men. The Bohemian Grove doesn't have a website, and there's no application process or wait list for any memberships. This is said to be an invite-only club.

Bohemian Grove first made waves in popular media after independent journalist Alex Jones released footage of an alleged satanic ritual at its location in a forest compound not too far away from San Francisco.

Sean Strickland speculates Ryan Garcia might be suffering from CTE

Sean Strickland recently took to social media to share his two cents on Ryan Garcia and speculated that the 25-year-old boxer may be suffering from CTE.

CTE or 'Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy' is a medical term used to define brain degeneration as a result of repeated blunt force trauma to the head over time. Unsurprisingly, combat sports athletes are often considered high-risk for CTE. This condition cannot be tested for while alive.

In a recent post on X, Strickland posted a screenshot confirming that Garcia started boxing at seven years of age and amassed an amateur record of 215-15. He wrote:

"No amount of money is worth the damage that has been done to the kids' brain... I'm out."

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