What happened between Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal outside the Miami restaurant?

UFC 272: Colby Covington vs. Jorge Masvidal (Image courtesy of Getty)
UFC 272: Colby Covington vs. Jorge Masvidal (Image courtesy of Getty)

Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal were reportedly involved in a fight outside a Miami restaurant called Papi Steak.

'Chaos' was seemingly present at the restaurant with the Nelk boys and posted a video of him there on social media. According to reports, Masvidal arrived and attacked Covington as he was leaving the restaurant.

TMZ posted a video of Covington shortly afterwards, which showed him surrounded by cops after the incident.

'Chaos' can be seen standing with Bob Menery of the Nelk Boys and asking him, "How'd he know I am here?" Menery had previously posted a few photos of the Nelk Boys alongside Covington on his Instagram story.

He also took to Twitter shortly afterwards and had a message for Masvidal.

"All i can say is I'm extremely disappointed in @GamebredFighter as a professional fighter tonight. You let down alot of people tonight bro. Disappointed"

Masvidal took to Twitter as well shortly after the alleged incident. He posted a video directed at Covington and said:

"Call this the show your face challenge, You talk that sh*t, you gotta back it up, that’s how my city rolls, man."

Masvidal's manager Malki Kawa also took to Twitter to share his take on the incident. Kawa was not impressed with Menery's tweet directed at Masvidal and replied:

"Colby talked about the man’s kids. I guess that’s ok in your world, no disappointment there. You sound like a grade a hoe. "

Kawa also indicated that Colby Covington might be missing a tooth after the altercation, as he jokingly wrote:

"Dentistry. Beautiful art"

All the details of the incident are still not properly known. However, one can expect those to come out with time.

Masvidal and Covington fought inside the UFC octagon at UFC 272 earlier this month, with 'Chaos' claiming a lopsided decision win.

Will a colby Covington vs. Jorge Masvidal rematch take place?

Colby Covington was clearly the better fighter when the duo clashed at UFC 272. However, the bad blood between the pair is still boiling, especially judging by the recent incident.

They were involved in one of the most heated rivalries in recent times. The former friends-turned-bitter rivals went all guns blazing towards each other in the build-up to their UFC 272 fight. The war of words didn't stop even after they battled for 25 minutes inside the octagon.


However, given the dominant nature of Colby Covington's win, it's highly unlikely they will engage in an immediate rematch. That being said, the possibility of them fighting again in the UFC can't be dismissed altogether, especially after the latest incident.

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