What did Logan Paul say about podcast host Alex Cooper?

Alex Cooper (left); Logan Paul (right) (*Images courtesy: Alex Cooper Instagram; Getty)
Alex Cooper (left); Logan Paul (right) (*Images courtesy: Alex Cooper Instagram; Getty)

In an appearance on the BFFs with Dave Portnoy and Josh Richards podcast earlier this year, popular podcaster Alex Cooper asserted that Logan Paul can’t keep a secret.

Cooper suggested that she “hooked up” with Logan Paul and that Paul was “running around LA” telling people about their encounter. You can watch Cooper explain the story from around the 47-minute mark of the YouTube video embedded below:


Needless to say, social media influencer circles were rife with speculation regarding the veracity of Cooper’s claims about Logan Paul. Well, Paul did eventually address the claims and provide his side of the story.

Speaking to his friend and Impaulsive podcast co-host George Janko on Impaulsive, Logan Paul stated:

“First off, Alex is awesome, right? She’s a great girl. We hung out; spent some time together. She was great. The opportunity presented itself.
“My issue with it was this. She went on the (BFFs) podcast and said, ‘Logan Paul can’t keep a secret’. And in my mind I’m like, ‘Dude, I told like one close friend. And you just told the whole internet. And now I’m telling them again’. So, I even texted her and I was like, ‘Hey, are we good? Did that offend? Was I supposed to lock that in a vault forever? How can I?’. Like, I liken it to f**king finding the fountain of youth and not telling anyone. Like, I got it. I found it. And it was great.”


Logan Paul, Alex Cooper, and Harry Jowsey

Logan Paul (left); Floyd Mayweather (right)
Logan Paul (left); Floyd Mayweather (right)

Additionally, Logan Paul noted that he’d only told his friend, reality TV star Harry Jowsey, about his encounter with Cooper. Paul insinuated that Jowsey was the only one apart from Cooper who knew about it.

Logan Paul spoke to Jowsey after Cooper’s claims went viral. Paul said:

“He (Jowsey) claimed that that’s not what he told Alex.”

Regardless, Logan Paul emphasized that his only issue with the situation was that it was being made to appear as though he (Paul) was bragging about the encounter.

Logan Paul clarified, however, that he has no ill will towards Cooper. In fact, Paul even went on to praise Cooper for her professionalism and the dedication she has towards her Call Her Daddy podcast.

Coming off a valiant performance against boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. in their exhibition boxing match back in June 2021, Logan Paul’s next opponent and comeback date are yet to be determined.

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